How to create side by side manifest in VB6 using ByteScout Robotic Process Automation

ByteScout Robotic Process Automation is set of integrated APIs for quick replaccement of manual data processing with robotic process automations.

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For Visual Basic 6 and other programming languages where ByteScout is used via COM / ActiveX interface. Windows provides a feature called "Side by side manifest" for .exe and .dll applications. The idea is that you may link to .NET / ActiveX dll libraries without installing or registering them on the computer for global access. While it still recommended to install ActiveX / COM version using `InstallAsActiveX.bat` included into `/Redistributable/` folder you may also generate `.manifest` file that will tell Windows to load dlls from the same folder instead of global ones. The Manifest Generator tool from (comes with open source code for Visual Basic 6) can generate manifest file for COM / ActiveX and .NET dlls (like ByteScout SDK) Also see this discussion: Dynamic manifest generation will also help to avoid manual update in case some of dlls (from ByteScout or from another vendor) will add new classes or declarations. See `/src/` for more details and the detailed instruction.



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