How to Convert PDF to HTML from URL Asynchronously for PDF to HTML API in PowerShell and Web API

How to Convert PDF to HTML from URL Asynchronously in PowerShell with Easy ByteScout Code Samples to Make PDF to HTML API. Step-by-Step Tutorial

Today you are going to learn how to convert PDF to HTML from URL asynchronously in PowerShell. Web API helps with PDF to HTML API in PowerShell. Web API is the Web API with a set of tools for documents manipulation, data conversion, data extraction, splitting and merging of documents. Includes image recognition, built-in OCR, barcode generation and barcode decoders to decode bar codes from scans, pictures, and PDFs.

This rich sample source code in PowerShell for Web API includes the number of functions and options you should do calling the API to implement PDF to HTML API. For implimentation of this functionality, please copy and paste code below into your app using code editor. Then compile and run your app. Enjoy writing a code with ready-to-use sample PowerShell codes to implement PDF to HTML API using Web API.

This API sample and other source code samples for PowerShell and other programming languages are available.

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# Cloud API asynchronous "PDF To HTML" job example. # Allows to avoid timeout errors when processing huge or scanned PDF documents. # The authentication key (API Key). # Get your own by registering at $API_KEY = "***********************************" # Direct URL of source PDF file. $SourceFileUrl = "" # Comma-separated list of page indices (or ranges) to process. Leave empty for all pages. Example: '0,2-5,7-'. $Pages = "" # PDF document password. Leave empty for unprotected documents. $Password = "" # Destination HTML file name $DestinationFile = ".\result.html" # Set to $true to get simplified HTML without CSS. Default is the rich HTML keeping the document design. $PlainHtml = $false # Set to $true if your document has the column layout like a newspaper. $ColumnLayout = $false # (!) Make asynchronous job $Async = $true # Prepare URL for `PDF To HTML` API call $query = "" # Prepare request body (will be auto-converted to JSON by Invoke-RestMethod) # See documentation: $body = @{ "name" = $(Split-Path $DestinationFile -Leaf) "password" = $Password "pages" = $Pages "simple" = $PlainHtml "columns" = $ColumnLayout "url" = $SourceFileUrl "async" = $Async } | ConvertTo-Json try { # Execute request $response = Invoke-WebRequest -Method Post -Headers @{ "x-api-key" = $API_KEY; "Content-Type" = "application/json" } -Body $body -Uri $query $jsonResponse = $response.Content | ConvertFrom-Json if ($jsonResponse.error -eq $false) { # Asynchronous job ID $jobId = $jsonResponse.jobId # URL of generated HTML file that will available after the job completion $resultFileUrl = $jsonResponse.url # Check the job status in a loop. do { $statusCheckUrl = "" + $jobId $jsonStatus = Invoke-RestMethod -Method Get -Headers @{ "x-api-key" = $API_KEY } -Uri $statusCheckUrl # Display timestamp and status (for demo purposes) Write-Host "$(Get-date): $($jsonStatus.status)" if ($jsonStatus.status -eq "success") { # Download HTML file Invoke-WebRequest -Headers @{ "x-api-key" = $API_KEY } -OutFile $DestinationFile -Uri $resultFileUrl Write-Host "Generated HTML file saved as `"$($DestinationFile)`" file." break } elseif ($jsonStatus.status -eq "working") { # Pause for a few seconds Start-Sleep -Seconds 3 } else { Write-Host $jsonStatus.status break } } while ($true) } else { # Display service reported error Write-Host $jsonResponse.message } } catch { # Display request error Write-Host $_.Exception }


@echo off powershell -NoProfile -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -Command "& .\ConvertPdfToHtmlFromUrlAsynchronously.ps1" echo Script finished with errorlevel=%errorlevel% pause

How to Extract PDF to HTML using Web API in PowerShell

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to convert PDF to HTML with Web API using PowerShell. First, I’ll show you the sample PDF invoice that we are going to use for this tutorial.

Now prepare your sample PowerShell in Windows Batch File code. Make sure to change the API key with your own. Once you’re done, you may now open the Windows batch file to run the program. The program runs successfully.

PDF to HTML Powershell

The result will automatically be placed in the same directory with your code.



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