document parser API in cURL with Web API Web API: the flexible Web API that includes full set of functions from e-signature requests to data extraction, OCR, images recognition, pdf splitting and pdf splitting. Can also generate barcodes and read barcodes from images, scans and pdf.

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curl --location --request POST '' \ --header 'Content-Type: application/json' \ --header 'x-api-key: {{x-api-key}}' \ --data-raw '{ "url": "", "template": "---\r\n# Template that demonstrates parsing of multi-page table using only\r\n# regular expressions for the table start, end, and rows.\r\n# If regular expression cannot be written for every table row (for example,\r\n# if the table contains empty cells), try the second method demonstrated\r\n# in `MultiPageTable-template2.yml` template.\r\ntemplateVersion: 3\r\ntemplatePriority: 0\r\nsourceId: Multipage Table Test\r\ndetectionRules:\r\n keywords:\r\n - Sample document with multi-page table\r\nfields:\r\n total:\r\n type: regex\r\n expression: TOTAL {{DECIMAL}}\r\n dataType: decimal\r\ntables:\r\n- name: table1\r\n start:\r\n # regular expression to find the table start in document\r\n expression: Item\\s+Description\\s+Price\\s+Qty\\s+Extended Price\r\n end:\r\n # regular expression to find the table end in document\r\n expression: TOTAL\\s+\\d+\\.\\d\\d\r\n row:\r\n # regular expression to find table rows\r\n expression: '\''^\\s*(?<itemNo>\\d+)\\s+(?<description>.+?)\\s+(?<price>\\d+\\.\\d\\d)\\s+(?<qty>\\d+)\\s+(?<extPrice>\\d+\\.\\d\\d)'\''\r\n columns:\r\n - name: itemNo\r\n type: integer\r\n - name: description\r\n type: string\r\n - name: price\r\n type: decimal\r\n - name: qty\r\n type: integer\r\n - name: extPrice\r\n type: decimal\r\n multipage: true", "outputFormat": "JSON", "async": false, "encrypt": "false", "inline": "true", "profiles": "", "password": "", "storeResult": false }'



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