How to add text and images to PDF in GoogleAppScript with Web API Web API is the flexible Web API that includes full set of functions from e-signature requests to data extraction, OCR, images recognition, pdf splitting and pdf splitting. Can also generate barcodes and read barcodes from images, scans and pdf.

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// Handle Menu on Google Sheet Open Event function onOpen() { var spreadsheet = SpreadsheetApp.getActive(); var menuItems = [ {name: 'CreatePDF', functionName: 'addTextAnnotationToPDF'} ]; spreadsheet.addMenu('', menuItems); } /** * A function that adds headers and some initial data to the spreadsheet. */ function addTextAnnotationToPDF() { var spreadsheet = SpreadsheetApp.getActive(); // Get API Key Cell let pdfCoAPIKeyCell = spreadsheet.getRange("B1"); // Get Cells for Input/Output let pdfUrlCell = spreadsheet.getRange("A4"); let imageUrlCell = spreadsheet.getRange("B4"); let resultUrlCell = spreadsheet.getRange("C4"); let pdfCoAPIKey = pdfCoAPIKeyCell.getValue(); let pdfUrl = pdfUrlCell.getValue(); let imageUrl = imageUrlCell.getValue(); // Prepare Payload var data = { "async": false, "encrypt": false, "inline": true, "name": "sample_result", "url": pdfUrl, "annotationsString": `250;20;0-;${imageUrl};24+bold+italic+underline+strikeout;Arial;FF0000;;true` }; // Prepare Request Options var options = { 'method' : 'post', 'contentType': 'application/json', 'headers': { "x-api-key": pdfCoAPIKey }, // Convert the JavaScript object to a JSON string. 'payload' : JSON.stringify(data) }; // Get Response // var pdfCoResponse = UrlFetchApp.fetch('', options); var pdfCoRespContent = pdfCoResponse.getContentText(); var pdfCoRespJson = JSON.parse(pdfCoRespContent); // Display Result if(!pdfCoRespJson.error){ resultUrlCell.setValue(pdfCoRespJson.url); } else{ resultUrlCell.setValue(pdfCoRespJson.message); } }



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