Overcoming document management challenges is a universal concern, ensuring the need for secure record maintenance and simplified processing workflows. The complex task of document handling presents difficulties for both businesses and organizations, requiring secure archival of legal records and simplified, efficient document signing procedures. Rossum, an AI-driven data extraction platform, automates the structured data capture and processing from documents. Its versatile pricing plans cater to a range of business needs, covering aspects like document processing volume, API accessibility, data validation, and customer support. Rossum’s pricing choices enable businesses to effectively simplify document workflows and enhance data accuracy. This article guides into Rossum pricing and plans for 2023, aiding you in selecting the optimal tier to match your specific requirements.

  1. What is Rossum?
  2. Rossum Features
  3. Rossum Pricing and Plans (2023)
  4. Rossum Integrations
  5. The Best Rossum Alternative: PDF.co
  6. PDF.co Key Features
  7. PDF.co Integrations
  8. PDF.co Pricing and Plans
  9. FAQs About Rossum Pricing
  10. What You Need to Remember About Rossum Pricing

What is Rossum?

Rossum has developed an artificial intelligence (AI) solution for document processing. An AI-powered data extraction platform designed to automate the extraction of data from structured and unstructured documents. Rossum’s platform utilizes machine learning algorithms to analyze documents such as invoices, receipts, and purchase orders. It can extract relevant data fields like vendor information, line items, dates, and amounts, and convert them into structured data that can be used for further processing or integration with other systems. The goal of Rossum is to simplify and automate manual data entry processes, enabling businesses to save time and reduce errors associated with manual document processing. The platform is trained to handle various document layouts and can adapt and improve its extraction capabilities over time through machine learning techniques.

Rossum Features

Rossum is an advanced AI-powered platform that specializes in data capture and document processing automation. Utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning, Rossum extracts valuable information from various types of documents, simplifying data entry and enhancing efficiency in document processing workflows.

Main Features Include:

  • AI Image Processing
  • AP Automation Software
  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Technology
  • Image Extraction
  • PDF Data Extractor
  • Invoice Processing Automation
  • Intelligent Processing Automation

Rossum Pricing & Plans (2023)

Pricing for Rossum’s service may vary depending on factors such as the level of usage, the specific features required, and the scale of document processing needed. While specific pricing details might not be publicly available, It’s recommended to visit Rossum’s official website or directly contact their sales or support team to inquire about their current pricing and available plans. They should be able to provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding their pricing structure and plans.

Rossum Integrations

Rossum offers integration with various software and systems to enhance document processing workflows. These integrations allow users to smoothly incorporate Rossum’s AI-powered data capture capabilities into their existing tools and processes. By integrating Rossum, organizations can automate data extraction from documents like invoices, receipts, and contracts, simplifying their data entry processes and increasing efficiency.

Here are some common integrations supported by Rossum:

  • Box and Dropbox
  • Zapier and Microsoft Power Automate
  • API for integration with external system

The Best Rossum Alternative: PDF.co

PDF.co stands as a respected Rossum alternative, delivering strong document processing capabilities centered around data extraction and automation. Boasting advanced attributes and a user-friendly interface, PDF.co smoothly transforms document workflows for enterprises.

A standout feature of PDF.co is its data extraction processing. It extracted structured data from various document formats, enable PDFs, scanned images, and more. Employing cutting-edge OCR technology, PDF.co guarantees precise data extraction, minimizing time spent and reducing manual involvement.

The extensive array of features and smooth integrations establishes PDF.co as a versatile and reliable solution, providing to both individuals and businesses. Be it document conversion, manipulation, or data extraction, PDF.co covers all bases. Its comprehensive suite of tools simplifies various document management tasks and enhances workflow efficiency. Join us at PDF.co and experience the power and convenience.

PDF.co Key Features

PDF.co presents an extensive array of capabilities aimed at simplifying tasks related to document management. Enabling a comprehensive suite of functionalities, PDF.co facilitates tasks such as document conversion, editing, and data extraction. These diverse features establish PDF.co as a flexible and effective solution, catering to the needs of both individuals and businesses seeking to simplify their document management workflows.

Below are several standout attributes that distinguish PDF.co:

Document Parser

  • Template Creator
  • Edit Raw Template
  • Detect Objects
  • Easy-to-use-Macros
  • Pre-made Templates
  • Output formats: CSV, JSON, and XML

PDF Extractor

  • PDF to CSV
  • PDF to XML
  • PDF to XLS
  • PDF to TEXT
  • PDF to JSON
  • PDF to XLSX
  • PDF to HTML
  • PDF to Images (PNG, JPG, TIFF, and WEBP)

PDF Tools

  • Merge and Split PDF
  • Edit PDF
  • Convert PDF
  • Extract PDF
  • File Upload
  • Barcode Generator
  • File Storage (Beta)

Generate PDF

  • You can create PDFs from scratch or use PDF templates
  • Convert other documents such as Doc, Docx, RTF, TXT, XPS, HTML, Images (JPG, PNG, TIFF), XLS, and XLSX into PDF

Barcode Tools

  • It can work with all 1D or 2D barcode types
  • Can scan barcodes from images, PDF files, and even from the link

Extract Structured Data

  • Built-in OCR text recognition support
  • Export extracted data into different types such as CSV, XML, JSON, HTML, Spreadsheets, etc.
  • Extract PDF data from various documentation including PDF with tables and images, reports, invoices, scanned documents, etc.

Business-oriented Features

  • Auto detector and remover of sensitive data
  • Email to PDF transformation. Supports emails with attachments including tools to extract important data from emails separately

PDF.co Integrations

Similarly, the PDF.co API is accessible on various third-party platforms. Here is a selection of those platforms:

PDF.co Pricing and Plans

Recognizing the significance of adaptability in pricing, PDF.co offers an array of pricing plans thoughtfully designed to offer various user requirements. Whether you’re an individual, a small business, or a large enterprise, PDF.co ensures there’s a pricing plan that aligns with your needs.

Pay As You Go

Through the free plan, individuals or small-scale users with simple document management needs can utilize fundamental features and limited usage. This option is suitable for those seeking to experience PDF.co’s core functionalities without a financial obligation, offering a chance to explore into the platform and determine its compatibility with their needs.

  • All API endpoints
  • 5,000+ integrations
  • Unlimited output files
  • Encrypted data transfer and storage
  • Output links expiration: 60 min
  • API Logs up to 200 record(s)
  • Additional layers of encryption and security


Designed for developers and businesses requiring comprehensive utilization of PDF.co’s capabilities, this package is carefully crafted to provide API accessibility, smoothly integrating PDF.co’s functionalities into customized applications or workflows. At a competitive rate of only $9.99 per month, the Basic plan presents a generous distribution of 16,500 credits, accommodating up to 8,250 pages. This choice suits individuals or enterprises seeking dependable PDF processing ability and the adaptability to enhance their development projects or simplify business procedures.

  • All API endpoints
  • 5,000+ integrations
  • Unlimited output files
  • Encrypted data transfer and storage
  • Output links expiration: 60 min
  • API Logs up to 12,500 record(s)
  • Additional layers of encryption and security


The personal plan presents upgraded functionalities in contrast to the Basic plan, rendering it a perfect selection for individuals seeking supplementary capacities and elevated usage levels. Priced competitively at only $24.99 per month, this package enables 37,000 credits and accommodates a maximum of 18,500 pages. This substantial distribution enables users to manage a greater document volume and fully exploit the comprehensive capabilities of PDF.co without any restrictions.

  • All API endpoints
  • 5,000+ integrations
  • Unlimited output files
  • Encrypted data transfer and storage
  • Output links expiration: 60 min
  • API Logs up to 33,000 record(s)
  • Additional layers of encryption and security


PDF.co’s Business plan delivers fully customizable solutions, generous usage limits, dedicated support, and advanced enterprise-grade attributes. Designed to enhance businesses with consistent document management capabilities, this plan simplifies workflows and elevates productivity. The Business plan enables advanced functionalities, integrated single sign-on (SSO) integration, and strong security choices. This equips organizations with the needed flexibility and authority for their document processing demands.

The Business plan’s pricing structure is categorized into three tiers: Business 1, Business 2, and Business 3. Priced affordable at $49.99 monthly, the Business 1 plan secures significant benefits, featuring 80,500 credits and a maximum capacity of 40,250 pages. This option provides to organizations in pursuit of cost-effective solutions while maintaining full functionality.

Providing more extensive requirements, the Business 2 plan, priced at $99.99 monthly, provides a significant distribution of 159,850 credits and serves up to 79,925 pages. This configuration is designed for efficient document processing and management on a larger scale.

For enterprises requiring high-volume document processing, the Business 3 plan, available at $299.99 monthly, is the ultimate choice. With an impressive distribution of 483,000 credits and a maximum capacity of 241,500 pages, this plan assures businesses of skillfully addressing their document management needs with efficiency and effectiveness.

  • All API endpoints
  • 5,000+ integrations
  • Unlimited output files
  • Encrypted data transfer and storage
  • Output links expiration: 1440 min
  • API Logs up to 416,000 record(s)
  • Additional layers of encryption and security
  • Private tech support
  • IP addresses allow a list
  • Single sign-on (SSO)

FAQs About Rossum Pricing

Explore the answers to commonly asked questions about Rossum’s pricing structure. Discover details about available plans, features, credits, and benefits for different user types, and how to make the most of Rossum’s document processing solutions. Get clarity on pricing considerations to help you choose the right plan for your needs

Is Rossum free?

While specific pricing details might not be publicly available, it’s important to note that Rossum primarily operates on a subscription-based pricing model. This ensures access to Rossum’s full range of features and functionalities. For specific details about the available pricing plans and their features, please visit Rossum’s official website and fill out their request pricing.

How do I save a document on Rossum without paying?

Rossum generally requires users to choose a subscription plan or at least a trial period, which may eventually lead to a paid plan. This helps support the ongoing development and maintenance of the platform. Visiting Rossum’s official website or reaching out to their customer support can provide you with the latest information on any available options for using their services at no cost or for a limited trial period.

What You Need to Remember About Rossum Pricing

Rossum operates on a subscription-based model, offering a variety of plans provided for different needs, including individuals, small businesses, and enterprises. While specific pricing details might not be publicly available, you can reach out to Rossum’s support for accurate information. They may also provide trial periods for you to explore their features before committing to a plan. To ensure you have the latest information, consider contacting their support team directly.