PDF.co REST Web API can be used for multiple data extraction and processing tasks. It uses secure Amazon AWS infrastructure and transfers encrypted data via SSL/TLS encryption.

You can generate, modify, convert PDF files into various formats, extract structured data, parse documents, and work with barcodes.

You can work with large files and documents and process hundreds of pages in the cloud.

You may also connect PDF.co with multiple web apps using



PDF.co Web API Key Features

Extract structured data

  • Extract data from unstructured PDF, scans, and documents
  • Parse documents and invoices (built-in templates included)
  • Extract unstructured data from PDF as structured CSV, XML, JSON, HTML
  • Extract data from PDF to HTML
  • Extract data from PDF to spreadsheets
  • Search inside PDF and scanned images
  • Built-in OCR recognition support

Generate PDF

  • Generate PDF from Doc, DocX, RTF, TXT, XPS
  • Generate PDF from HTML
  • Generate PDF from Images (JPG to PDF, PNG to PDF, TIFF to PDF)
  • Generate PDF from XLS or XLSX
  • Generate PDF from website URL

PDF Tools

  • Merge PDF, split PDF, delete pages from PDF
  • Add text and images to PDF
  • Read PDF information
  • Render PDF to JPG, PNG or TIFF
  • Turn images and scanned PDF to Text Searchable PDF
  • Compress PDF File
  • Delete text from PDF
  • Search and replace text (also with an image) inside PDF

Barcode Tools

  • Generate 1D and 2D barcodes
  • Read barcodes from URL, PDF file, or image

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