Uploading and converting
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PDF to xls

Upload your PDF file and this PDF file will be converted into XLS spreadsheet file that you may download and open in Excel or in any other spreadsheet software.

PDF to xls

PDF to xls online converts your PDF into xls where all text is structured into columns, rows and cells.

PDF documents

Tables and text groups from PDF files are detected and represented as tables in xls file that can be opened in excel or other spreadsheet editors.

Xls documents

Xls documents generated from PDF are spreadsheet files for excel and other spreadsheet applications.


Your PDF files are transmitted via https ssl (secure socket layer) protocol that uses encryption. files are removed permanently from servers, see the privacy policy for more info.

No software to install

PDF to xls conversion does not require any downloads or installs and converts PDF to excel xls online.

Alternative conversions

You may also want to convert PDF to csv or PDF to xml if you are need to extract data from PDF into a database or spreadsheet.