You can convert PDF to Text online, without having to download and install conversion software in your device. While you can edit PDF text online, using this tool helps you to secure private data when converting PDF to text.

Our PDF to text online tool is browser-based, and you can use any device with a working browser and internet connection.

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Why Use Our PDF to Text Tool?

Secure PDF Text Converter

You can use this tool to convert scanned PDF to text, without worrying about theft of your private data. The tool does not store any information from your PDFs.

Once the conversion process is complete and you download your text files, the tool securely clears the files. That is unlike free PDF to text converter tools that extract data from your files and store them for commercial use.

Budget PDF to Text Online Tool

Most software PDF to Text tools limit you to monthly subscriptions or a lifetime license. When you convert scanned PDF to text using our tool, you only pay for the files that you have converted.

That makes the tool handy for occasional PDF to Text conversions, as well as for continuous use. Heavy users can opt for a subscription, while light users can buy credit packs.

You can opt to buy credit packs, which start from a low of $4.99 for 125 credits or pay a monthly subscription, which starts at $99.99 for 15,000 credits.

Access to Related PDF Tools

Unlike licensed software, this tool does not limit you to using your credits to convert PDF to text files only. You may also use your credits with other PDF conversion tools listed on your dashboard.


How to Change PDF to Text with Our Tool

PDF to TXT Online

You need to have a account that is loaded with credits to convert your PDF to text. To access the tool from the main menu, click on “From PDF,” to get a drop-down menu. You can then click on “PDF to text,” to launch the tool.

Your PDF files should also be accessible from your local storage, from Dropbox, or from a live URL. If you have the PDFs in your Dropbox account, be sure to log in first, for the PDF to Text tool to access them.

Step 1: Upload PDF to Convert Text File

Convert PDF to TXT

To upload a PDF file from local storage, click the ”Choose File”  button, and a pop-up window will appear for you to choose a file and upload it. You can do the same for Dropbox; for a live URL, you will get a text-box where you can paste it.

Step 2: Change PDF to Text

Convert PDF to TXT Online

The tool will start the conversion process automatically once the file uploads successfully. When the process is complete, the tool will present the text file for you to download.

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Step 3: Download Text Files

PDF to TXT Free Online

You can choose to download the converted text files to your local storage or save them to Dropbox. If you choose to save them to Dropbox, then you will have to log in first, if you have not done so.

Conclusion – PDF to Text Converter

This tool is easy to use and does not store your data for commercial use, as some PDF to text that gives a free service do. Overall, if you want your information to remain confidential, use this budget PDF to Text tool. online apps:

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