Uploading and converting
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PDF to json

Upload your PDF file and it will be converted into JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) that will represent pdf as a structured data that you may import into many other apps

PDF to json

Convert PDF to json online and free. text in PDF is grouped into virtual table and generates json with each text group from PDF as a separate value

PDF format

PDF format is used to store documents with tables, invoices, images and vectors

Json output

Json files are supported by javascript and other webtools and provides the easy way to store structured data


Your PDF files are transmitted via https ssl (secure socket layer) protocol that uses encryption. files are removed permanently from servers, see the privacy policy for more info.

No software to install

PDF to json does not require any software to install and converts PDF to json online in your browser.

Alternative conversions

You may also convert PDF to csv or PDF to xml and use csv or xml instead of json if you need a structured representation of data from your PDF file.