Convert PDF, JPG, or PNG files to text-searchable PDF files. With a searchable PDF, a person or machine can search through the PDF’s contents using the search function. To do that, you can use our online PDF/JPG/PNG to Text Searchable PDF API tool.

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PDF/JPG/PNG to Text Searchable PDF API Benefits

Local Server API

You have the option to use this searchable PDF converter, directly from our servers, or have it integrated into your local servers. If you want the latter option, you will have to contact our support team first. You can check this page for code samples, on how to execute the API in different languages.

However, you will still have to use an API key to access the tool. Furthermore, using your local server will give you more control over how you secure access to your local files.

SSL Connection and Secure Servers

If you choose to access the tool online, we will secure your connection with SSL encryption. You will also be happy to know the execution will happen on Amazon’s secure AWS cloud infrastructure.

How to Upload PDF, JPG, or PNG to Searchable PDF API

You need to upload your PDF, JPG, or PNG files, for our API to access them before it converts them to searchable PDFs. Furthermore, you must make sure the files do not exceed 2GB. You can follow the three simple steps below to upload your file.

Step 1: Get PDF, JPG, or PNG Upload Link

You need an upload link to upload your files; to get one use the “/file/upload/get-presigned-url” method. The API will generate an upload link “presignedUrl” along with an access link “url.”

Step 2: Upload PDF, JPG, or PNG File

Use the “PUT” method to upload your PDF, JPG, or PNG to “presignedUrl”. You must use the “presignedUrl” to upload your file within 30 minutes; otherwise, you can request another one.

Step 3: Execute Searchable PDF API

Once the file is successfully uplaoded, you can have the API access it from “URL”, which you received in step 1. To convert the JPG to a searchable PDF, call the “/jpg/makesearchable” and include your API key. You can replace “/jpg/” with “/pdf/” or “/png/”, depending on the type of file you want to convert.

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Convert JPG, PDF, or PNG to Searchable PDF Asynchronously

You need to convert your image or PDF file to a searchable PDF in asynchronous mode if it is a large file. You will know your file is large if it takes over 25 seconds to convert to a searchable PDF. When that happens, it will return a time-out error.

To execute the API in asynchronous mode, set the “async” input param to “true”. That will cause the API to execute in the background and return a “jobId” property that is unique to that job. It will also output a “URL”, which you can use to download the converted file.

At any time, you can use the “jobId” along with the “.job/check” method, to receive the execution status of the job. You will get a “success” status, once the searchable PDF conversion is complete.

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