A Barcode generator is now of the essential tools for online and offline shops. Furthermore, being able to automate the barcode, ISBN barcode, QR code generation is important for both manufacturers and retailers.

However, not every online barcode generator may work for your business. Here are some of the benefits of using our QR code generator and 2D barcode generators.

  1. API Barcode Generator Benefits
  2. Run Barcode Generator API Job in the Background
  3. How to Upload File and Use QR Barcode Generator API
  4. Conclusion

API Barcode Generator Benefits

Supported Formats – Barcode Formats

Our tool supports numerous code formats that you can print and scan. They include Code128, Code39, Postnet, UPCA, EAN8, ISBN, Codabar, I2of5, Code93, EAN13, JAN13, Bookland, UPCE, PDF417, PDF417 Truncated, DataMatrix, QRCode, Aztec, Planet, among tens of others.

Securely Create QR Code

Our online barcode API is hosted and runs from Amazon’s AWS computing platform, giving you not only fast speeds but also security. AWS computing infrastructure incorporates end-to-end SSL/TLS encryption, making it unusable if accessed by unauthorized third parties.

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Credit Based Pricing

We do not charge you a license fee for using our advanced QR code maker, we use credit-based pricing. This method allows you to pay for the services, instead of buying the API tool. That makes it convenient for both small and large businesses, looking for ways to optimize their production costs.

Run Barcode Generator API Job in the Background

You can run our barcode generator in Sync mode for less than 25 seconds, or in Async mode for over 25 seconds. We recommend that you generate your bar codes in Async mode if you plan to generate over 100 pages of barcodes.

Otherwise, the API job may timeout after 25 seconds and return an error, when generating QR codes, UPC barcodes, ISBN barcodes, among others. To enable Async mode, set the “async” input parameter to “true”.

How to Upload File and Use QR Barcode Generator API

Step 1: Upload File

Use “/file/upload/get-presigned-url” to get an upload URL – “presignedUrl”, and an access URL – “URL”, which you can use to upload and access your file respectively.

Step 2: Get Upload and Access URLs

Use “PUT” to upload your file to “presignedUrl”, and access it using “URL” from Step 1.

Step 3: Call API method to in Sync or Async Modes

Call API method with “URL” param from Step 1 as input, and set “async” param to “true”. That will return an output URL/s, and a job Id. The jobId identifies the background job the API method has created.

Step 4: Check Job Status

To get a success alert, use the “/job/check” to get a “success” status when the 2D barcode generator completes the job.

Step 5: Access Jobs

Once you get a “success” status, use the output URL from Step 3 to access your generated UPC Barcode, 2D Barcode, ISBN barcode, or any other code you wanted to generate.

Frequently Asked Questions – Online Barcode Generator API

How A Barcode Is Generated?

A barcode generator works by encoding (converting) characters into a series of symbols that you can scan a machine, easily. The symbols can be a series of lines and spaces, of varying widths, which are 1D.

The encoding happens in pairs, where the first character is converted into a black bar of varying width, while the second character is converted into a white space of varying width, between two bars.

When you use our online barcode generator API to create a Barcode, our Barcode Generator converts your product’s information into the 1D symbol, which you can then print out, and attach to your products.

How Much Does It Cost To Create A Barcode?

You can get a barcode for pennies ($0.04 per credit), using our Online Barcode Generator API, and you only need to spend a minimum of $4.99, which gives you 125 credits. One barcode will cost you two to four credits, which makes our barcode API system a good fit for all businesses.

In addition, the pricing can go as low as $0.0003 per credit, if you buy them in bulk, for use with our Online Barcode Generator API. Our pricing allows you to buy one-time credits, or to use a monthly Barcode Generator API subscription for bulk use.

It will cost you a lot less to use the monthly subscription, which starts at $19.99 per month, but you pay for them annually. On the other hand, one-time credits start at 125 credits per $4.99.

Can I Generate my Own Barcode?

Yes, you can use our Online Barcode Generator API to generate your barcodes remotely. To do that, you will need to have the product information you want to convert to a barcode, and some credits to enable our API.

How Do I Get A Barcode For My Small Business?

You can use our Online Barcode Generator API to get a barcode for your business. Our API allows small businesses to automate barcode generation, which frees you to do other less menial tasks. We have code examples that you can follow.

Furthermore, you can contact us in case you need help in implementing our Online Barcode Generator API. Our barcode generator also allows you to scale up or down, depending on how many barcodes you need to generate.

How to Use Our Barcode Generator API

You can access our Barcode Generator using an API key, which you get after you register with us. However, you must activate the API by buying credits from our billing page.

Conclusion – UPC Barcode Generator

That is how you generate barcodes with our cloud-based API barcode generator. You can check here for more code samples. Moreover, if you have any questions regarding the use of our API, you can contact us anytime via our Chat function.

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