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For Home and Business Users


These desktop utilities below are for Windows XP and higher. These utilities work offline and do not require a connection to the Internet. They do not contain 3rd party advertisement, malware, adware or unwanted toolbars. These utilities are free for personal and non-commercial use.


ByteScout PDF Multitool for Windows (40 MB)

For more information about ByteScout PDF Multitool please click here


ByteScout Barcode Reader for Windows (20 MB)

For more information about ByteScout Barcode Reader please click here


ByteScout Barcode Generator for Windows (20 MB)

For more information about ByteScout Barcode Generator please click here

On-Premise ByteScout API Server

Do you want to run Web API on your own server? You can do it with ByteScout API Server

  • 99% compatibility with of API, so no need to re-write your existing code;
  • Fine tuning for max performance;
  • Install into your own Windows server. Deploy in less than 30 minutes;
  • Can use offline storage  (no file will leave your server) or cloud storage;
  • Can be used from C#, ASP.NET, VB.NET, Java, PHP, Javascript, Scala, Swift, and almost any other programming language.
  • Includes special features such as offline storage management with additional configurations for maximum performance.
  • Ultimate data privacy for Enterprise users with support of completely offline data processing

On-Premise Enterprise SDK for .NET Software Developers

For developers: these on-premise offline SDK (Software Development Kits) from ByteScout are designed to help developers in the implementation of data extraction, table data reading, pdf and spreadsheets processing, barcode generation and barcode reading on your in-house servers or on desktop computers without an Internet connection.


Get Your Free Trial of ByteScout SDK


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Uninstallation instructions

To uninstall previously installed ByteScout please follow steps:

  1. Open Control Panel;
  2. Select “Uninstall a Program”;
  3. Find and click the application (look for the name starting with “Bytescout…” in the list;
  4. Click Uninstall to run the Uninstaller.
  5. Follow the uninstaller’s instructions to remove the software.