About Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms is an open-source forms framework built for the WordPress community by the WordPress community. Created with both novices and developers in mind, Ninja Forms is perfect for any situation that requires gathering or processing data from front-end users. Create forms quickly without ever touching code, or spending a dime. Place your forms anywhere you want on your WordPress site, customize notifications, and explore other powerful features.

Read more about Ninja Forms at https://ninjaforms.com

Below is a list of some of the popular Survey Tools:

  • Typeform – Typeform is a web-based platform you can use to create anything from surveys to apps, without needing to write a single line of code.
  • Google Forms – Google Forms is a survey administration software included as part of the free, web-based Google Docs Editors suite offered by Google.
  • Survey Monkey – Survey Monkey is a free online survey tool to capture the voices and opinions of the people who matter most to you.
  • Zoho Forms – Zoho Forms is for anyone who wants to collect and manage data in an efficient way.
  • SurveyPlanet – SurveyPlanet is on-demand software for creating surveys and collecting survey results in the cloud.
  • SurveyGizmo – SurveyGizmo is a platform for building online forms and surveys for marketing, lead generation, and research projects.
  • Client Heartbeat – Client Heartbeat helps you survey customers, measure satisfaction and identify those that are unhappy.
  • SoGoSurvey – SoGoSurvey offers an advanced data management platform and enterprise online survey software for large organizations and businesses.

What is PDF.co?

PDF.co is the secure and scalable data extraction API service with a full set of PDF tools included.


  • Decrease data entry costs using AI-powered unstructured data extraction from PDF and scanned documents, invoices, reports, receipts, and agreements;
  • Read from complex documents using customizable Document Parser. Supports automatic reading from tables, PDF forms, and mixed content documents;
  • Save time on preparing documents with PDF filler functionality that can add text, images, fields to PDF forms and PDF documents;
  • Leverage power of a built-in full set of PDF tools: split PDF, merge PDF, delete pages, advanced HTML to PDF generation;
  • Detailed API logs for Enterprise users with audit logs requirements;
  • On-premise and offline versions are available for Enterprise users;


  • All documents and files processed by PDF.co are encrypted at rest using AES 256-bit encryption;
  • PDF.co relies on TLS and SSL to transmit data and files (the same security protocols that are used by banks)
  • Runs on award-winning secure certified Amazon AWS infrastructure: https://pdf.co/security

Ninja Forms and PDF.co integration

To start, please use the button below:

Setup Ninja Forms+PDF.co

Step-by-step Guide for Integrating Ninja Forms and PDF.co

This tutorial will show how to integrate Ninja Forms and PDF.co via Zapier to automatically generate PDF from new submissions on Ninja Forms.

1. In this tutorial, we assume that you have integrated the Ninja Forms form and Google Sheets. The integration automatically adds all of your new submissions on the Ninja Forms form as a new row in your Google Sheet spreadsheet.


2. For this demo, we used this contact form that we created using Ninja Forms to create new submissions row in the Spreadsheet.

Contact Form

3. We will take the data on a new spreadsheet row and convert it into a PDF. To do that, first, choose Google Sheets as App & Event and select New Spreadsheet Row as the Trigger Event.

New Spreadsheet Row

4. On Customize Spreadsheet Row, select the Spreadsheet and Worksheet names and click Continue.

Spreadsheet Row

5. It’s time to do a Test Trigger and see if it can find data on the spreadsheet we selected.

Test Trigger

6. Now, we are ready to set up our PDF.co to convert the spreadsheet data into a PDF file. Select PDF.co as the App & Event and Anything to PDF Converter as the Action Event.


7. We are going to design our PDF file with a straightforward layout. To do that, let’s configure Anything to PDF.

  • In the Source Type field, select Raw HTML code to convert to PDF.
  • In the Input field, insert the HTML code with the data fields from the spreadsheet.
  • In the Name field, type in your desired PDF file name.

Customize AnythingToPDF

8. We can now send and test our data to PDF.co.

Send & Test

9. A successful PDF.co response contains the URL of the PDF file. Please copy the link and paste it into your browser’s address bar.

Result URL

10. Hurray! We have converted our Ninja Forms’ new submission into PDF.

PDF Output