About n8n

n8n is a cloud automation tool that connects two or more apps to automate processes between them. It currently supports 360 apps integration for seamless data transfer.

PDF.co is available in n8n via HTTP Request. This adds more flexibility in using advanced features when making a PDF.co API call.


How to Convert PDF to XLS

Step 1 – Add Google Drive Node

To begin, let’s add a Node and look up the Google Drive Trigger.

Google Drive Trigger

Step 2 – Setup Google Drive

Next, let’s set up the Google Drive trigger.

  • Select the OAuth2 as the Credential Type.
  • Connect your Google Drive account.
  • In the Trigger On field, choose the Changes Involving a Specific Folder option.
  • Add the Folder URL or ID.
  • In the Watch For field, select the File Created option.

Setup Google Drive Trigger

Step 3 – Fetch Test Event

Then, click on the Fetch Test Event button to fetch the latest file.

Fetch Test Google Drive

Step 4 – Add HTTP Request

Let’s add another Node for the HTTP Request.

HTTP Request Node

Step 5 – Configure PDF.co

Now, let’s configure the HTTP Request to call the PDF.co PDF to XLS Web API.

  • Set the Authentication to None.
  • Select POST for the Request Method.
  • In the URL field, enter the https://api.pdf.co/v1/pdf/convert/to/xls endpoint.
  • Choose JSON as the Response Format.
  • Under Body Parameters, type in url as name and select the Google Drive Web Content Link as the value.
  • Under Headers, add Content-Type as a name with a value application/json.
  • Add another Header for the x-api-key name and your PDF.co API Key as the value.

Configure PDF.co PDF To XLS

Step 6 – Execute Node

Now, click on the Execute Node button to see the output. Please note that the PDF.co output link is temporary and expires after an hour by default. This can be extended using the expiration parameter. We recommend to add a Google Drive node or similar for permanent storage.

PDF To XLS Output Link

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