You can merge multiple PDF files online, without having to buy, download, and install the software in your computing device. Whether you want to merge PDF documents to make it easy to read them as one document or share them, our online PDF merger is the best tool for the job.

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Why Merge PDF Files Online

Convenient to Use

When you need to merge PDF files without spending too much on expensive software, online PDF merge tools like ours come in handy. With our tool, you can merge PDFs online, and pay for what you use only.

That can save you hundreds of dollars that you would have spent buying a premium PDF merger software. Moreover, since you do not need to download any software, merging your PDFs will take seconds.


We do not recommend that you merge PDF online using free PDF merging tools, because such products are not secure. Since they do not charge you, the terms of use for such products dictate that you surrender any data the tool extracts from your documents.

With our secure PDF merge online solution, your files are safe, and we do not store or extract any data from them. Therefore, you can merge your clients’ PDFs online, with a total piece of mind.

Ease of Use

You do not need to take time to watch tutorial videos on how to merge your PDFs online. Our PDF file merger tool can merge any file in three simple steps, as we have illustrated below.

Moreover, you can use our PDF merge tool to merge files stored in your computer, Dropbox, or from a live URL.


How to Merge PDF Pages

Step 1: Upload Your PDF Files

Merge PDF Files Online

The first step is to log into your account, buy some credits if you do not have some, and then upload your files. While small files merge within seconds, merging large files will take a few seconds to a few minutes.

To get to the upload page, click on “Tools,” then click on “Merge PDF.” That will bring up a new window, where you can upload your files from your local storage, Dropbox, or from a live URL.

Merge PDF Files Free Online

If you have not logged into your Dropbox account yet, a Dropbox login window if you click on the Dropbox upload option.

Step 2: Merge multiple PDF Files

The second step is to click on the “Proceed” button, to start the merging process. Once the process is complete, a new window will appear, with the merged file for you to download.

Merge PDF Documents

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Step 3: Download the Merged PDF File

Once the merging process is complete, you will get an option to download the files to your local storage or save them to Dropbox.

PDF File Merger

Frequently Asked Questions – Merge PDF Files Online

How Do I Combine PDF Files For Free?

While there is free PDF merging software, we do not recommend them. Most of them give you a free service in exchange for data extraction from your files. That makes them not safe to use if you are merging PDF files that contain sensitive data.

However, when using our PDF merging tool, you only pay about $0.05 to $0.002 per credit. Moreover, you only need about 2 credits to merge two pages. Apart from the budget prices, you may also request an API key, and use it to automate the merging of your PDFs.

How Do You Merge Two PDF Files Together?

You may use our merge PDF tool to merge two PDF files, by uploading both files, and then letting our tool merge them for you. Once the two PDF files are merged, you will be able to download the final PDF as one document.

The merging process takes less than 25 seconds for small files (less than 100 pages). For large files, you can run the merging process in the background, using our API tool. That makes our PDF merging tool suitable for personal and business use.

How Do I Combine PDF Files In Windows 10?

You can combine PDF files in Windows 10, Internet Explorer, or even Chrome by simply going to, creating an account, and following the steps that we outlined above, to merge two or more PDF files, into one document.

Why Can’t I Combine My PDF Files?

If you are not able to combine your PDF files to one document, then you need to check whether you have sufficient credits. The credits enable the tool to merge your PDF files, and it cannot merge PDF files without them.

Fortunately, the credits only cost a few cents, as we have already pointed out, and you can buy as few as you need. To get started, you need as little as $1.99/month to buy 40 credits, which is enough to merge two PDFs containing few pages.

Works with Zapier – Merge PDF Files Online

You can integrate our PDF merge tool with Zapier, so that you may use it with other PDF apps, to create a seamless flow of work. Furthermore, if you need to have the PDF merge tool run from your local server, you may request for the same. Our technical team will help you to implement it in your in-house server, at no additional cost.

Conclusion – Merge PDF Online

We do not recommend that you use free online PDF merger tools. Those tend to treat your personal and confidential data as the product, which they then sell to third parties.

With our secure online PDF, you can use it at a price that will not “leave a hole” in your budget, and still, the merged PDF file will be of good quality. online apps:

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