In this tutorial, we will merge multiple PDF attachments from an Airtable record. Our sample data below contains 5 single-paged PDF Invoices.

  1. Add Airtable
  2. Setup Trigger
  3. Test Trigger
  4. Record Found
  5. Add
  6. Setup Action
  7. Test Action
  8. PDF Merger Result
  9. Merged File Output

We will use this sample Airtable record with multiple PDF attachments and merge them into a single PDF document.

Airtable Record With Multiple Attachments
Airtable Record with Multiple PDF Attachments

Step 1 – Add Airtable

  • To get started, let’s choose Airtable as the App and New Record as the Trigger Event.

Add Airtable Trigger

Step 2 – Setup Trigger

Let’s set up the trigger.

  • In the Base field, select the Base name.
  • In the Table field, choose the Table name that contains the record with attachments.
  • In the Limit to View field, select Grid View.

Setup Airtable Trigger

Step 3 – Test Trigger

  • Click on the Test Trigger button to make sure that we can fetch data from Airtable.

Test Airtable Trigger

Step 4 – Record Found

  • Great! Airtable returned the table record with PDF attachments. Let’s proceed to to merge them.

Airtable Table Record Result

Step 5 – Add

In the next step, let’s add as the App and the PDF Merger as the Action Event.

Add PDF Merger

Step 6 – Setup Action

Let’s configure the PDF Merger.

  • In the List of links to source PDFs, documents, or images field, select the Input URL result from Airtable.
  • In the Auto-convert non-PDF files field, choose False for PDF attachments only and True for merging PDF and non-PDF files.

Configure PDF Merger

Step 7 – Test Action

  • Now, let’s send a request to to merge the files.

Test PDF Merger Setup

Step 8 – PDF Merger Result

  • Excellent! We have successfully merged the attachments from Airtable. You can copy and paste the output URL into a browser to see the result. PDF Merger Result

Step 9 – Merged File Output

  • Here are the merged Airtable record attachments results. PDF Merger Output PDF Merger Output

In this tutorial, you learned how to merge multiple PDF attachments from an Airtable record. You learned how to access table records from Airtable. You also learned how to use the PDF Merger to merge PDF and non-PDF files.