Overlaying images into a larger background image is an absorbing style that enables designers and creators to incorporate multiple visual elements. PDF.co provides an editing tool to manipulate images and overlay them into a big background image at certain positions.

With the combination of PDF.co and Make, you can easily add small overlay images into a larger background image, precisely positioning them as desired.

In this tutorial, we will guide you through the process of incorporating small overlay images into a larger background image using PDF.co and Make. Follow the simple step-by-step instructions below to achieve your desired result.

  1. Log in Make Account
  2. Add Google Drive Module
  3. Google Drive Settings
  4. Google Drive Result
  5. Add PDF.co Module
  6. Setup PDF.co Configuration
  7. Run PDF.co Result
  8. Add Another PDF.co App
  9. Configure PDF.co Settings
  10. Run Scenario Result
  11. Overlaying Image Result
  12. Demo

We will provide a sample image document as the base for incorporating the overlay image at a specific position. This will serve as our starting point for the demonstration.

Sample Image Document
Sample Image Document

Step 1: Log in Make Account

  • Let’s start by logging into your Make account.
  • Once logged in, locate and click on the Create a new scenario button to initiate the process.

Step 2: Add Google Drive Module

  • After logging in, proceed by searching and selecting the Google Drive app. You can also choose other cloud storage services if you prefer to obtain the source file from there.
  • Once you have selected the Google Drive app, select the Download a File option. This will enable you to download the desired source file directly from your Google Drive storage.

Add Google Drive Module

Step 3: Google Drive Settings

Let’s set up the Google Drive configuration.

  • To begin, you need to connect your Google Drive account to Make in order to grant Make access to your Google Drive storage.
  • Choose the Select from the list option to view all available folders in Google Drive.
  • Select My Drive as the designated drive to be used.
  • Now, locate the desired folder and specify the file name within Google Drive where the source file is stored.

Google Drive Settings
Once you have configured Google Drive, you can proceed with running the scenario to retrieve a file from your Google Drive storage.

Step 4: Google Drive Result

  • Great! The scenario executed successfully, retrieving the file from Google Drive storage. Now, let’s move forward and add another application, along with incorporating an overlay image from the retrieved file.

Google Drive Result

Step 5: Add PDF.co Module

  • In this step, we’ll incorporate the PDF.co app into the process and select the Add Text and Images to a PDF option, which will allow us to easily include overlay images on a large background image.

Add PDF.co Module

Step 6: Setup PDF.co Configuration

Let’s proceed with configuring the PDF.co settings.

  • Begin by connecting your PDF.co account to Make by adding the API key. You can retrieve the API key from your PDF.co dashboard or by signing up at this link.
  • Choose the Upload a File option to automatically input the downloaded file from Google Drive.
  • In the Images parameters section, provide the desired X and Y coordinates where you wish to add the overlay image. You can utilize the PDF.co Edit Add Helper tool to easily obtain the X and Y coordinates of the document.
  • Enter the direct URL of the image file you want to overlay onto the background image.
  • Specify the list of pages on which you would like to add the overlay image.
  • Finally, define the width and height dimensions of the overlay image.

Setup PDF.co Configuration
Setup PDF.co Configuration
Setup PDF.co Configuration
Once you have completed the PDF.co configuration, proceed to execute the scenario to add the overlay image from the background image.

Step 7: Run PDF.co Result

  • Excellent! We successfully executed the scenario! An overlay image has been added from the background image. To view the output, please copy the provided URL and paste it into your web browser.

Run Scenario Result
As the output file is currently in PDF format, we need to add an additional module to transform it into an image.

Step 8: Add Another PDF.co Module

  • Next, we will add an additional module and select the PDF.co app.
  • Choose the Convert from PDF to Images option to generate output files in formats like JPG or PNG.

Add Another PDF.co Module

Step 9: Configure PDF.co Settings

Let’s configure the PDF.co settings.

  • Begin by selecting the Upload a File option to automatically load the file from the PDF.co Add Text and Images result.
  • Next, choose the desired output format for the conversion, such as JPG or PNG.

Configure PDF.co Settings
Once the PDF.co configuration is set up, run the scenario for converting PDF to Image.

Step 10: Run Scenario Result

  • Congratulations! We have successfully generated an image output for the overlaying image added to the background image. Copy the resulting URL and paste it into your browser to view the output and download the file.

Run Scenario Result

Step 11: Overlaying Image Output

  • Here is the overlaying image output successfully added to the background image.
Overlaying Image Output
Overlaying Image Output

Step 12: Demo

  • Check out this demo showcasing the process of overlaying an image onto a background image.
Overlaying Image Demo
Overlaying Image Demo

In this tutorial, you learned how to add an overlay image onto a background image using PDF.co and Make. You also learned how to use the PDF.co Add Text and Images to a PDF tool to add images to a document. You also learned how to convert PDF documents to Image format.