About Google Tasks

Google Tasks is a free online service that manages to-do lists and is accessed through your Google account.

Read more about Google Tasks at https://tasksboard.app/

What is PDF.co?

PDF.co is the secure and scalable data extraction API service with a full set of PDF tools included.


  • Armed with a shapeless AI-powered data extractor that automatically gathers and processes data from PDFs, scanned documents, and other complex files, thus effectively reducing data entry costs;
  • Deciphers data instantly from both simple and multilayered documents using an intelligently designed Document Parser;
  • Saves significant amount of time in creating or altering PDFs due to its advanced filler tool that enables smooth addition or deletion of texts, photos, fields, forms, and pages;
  • It got powerful PDF editing tools that easily merge, split, add, or delete PDF pages. It likewise simplifies the process of converting HTML pages into PDFs.
  • Comprehensive API records and audit logs are readily available to Enterprise users. They also have the choice to use either the online or offline version of the application.


  • All documents and files processed by PDF.co are encrypted at rest using AES 256-bit encryption;
  • PDF.co relies on TLS and SSL to transmit data and files (the same security protocols that are used by banks)
  • Runs on award-winning secure certified Amazon AWS infrastructure: https://pdf.co/security

Google Tasks and PDF.co integration

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