Fill Form 1040 with Pipeliner CRM data – Guide

  1. Create a Zap
  2. Pipeliner CRM App
  3. Select New Person
  4. Connect Pipeliner CRM Account
  5. New Person Configuration
  6. Test the Trigger
  7. Add App Event
  8. Select PDF Filler
  9. Account Connection
  10. PDF Filler Configuration
  11. Test and Review
  12. Test Result Output
  13. Source File Output

In this tutorial, we will show you how to fill an IRS Form 1040 with Pipeliner CRM data using and Zapier. Here’s a screenshot of our Form 1040. You can get a copy of this form here.

Sample Source File
Sample Source File

Step 1: Create a Zap

First, click on the Create Zap button to start a zap.

Step 2: Pipeliner CRM App

Next, select the Pipeliner CRM app for the App Event.
Pipeline CRM App

Step 3: Select New Person

Then, choose the New Person module for the Trigger Event.
Select New Person

Step 4: Connect Pipeliner CRM Account

Let’s, connect our Pipeliner CRM account.
Connect Pipeline CRM Account

Step 5: New Person Configuration

Let’s configure the New Person trigger.

  • In the Source field, enter the New Person source file.
  • In the Status field, input the status of the New Person preference.

New Person Configuration

Step 6: Test the Trigger

Next, let’s test the trigger to make sure that we set it up correctly.
Test The Trigger

Step 7: Add App Event

Now, let’s add another app and select the app for the App Event.
Add App Event

Step 8: Select PDF Filler

Then, choose the PDF Filler module to fill the PDF Form 1040.
Select PDF Filler

Step 9: Account Connection

Next, let’s connect our account to use for this zap. Account Connection

Step 10: PDF Filler Configuration

Now, let set up the action event.

  • In the Source PDF field, input the source PDF URL or the IRS Form 1040 link.
  • In the Fillable fields, enter the page number, the field name, and the value. You can use the Get PDF Info tool to get the form’s field names.


PDF Filler Configuration

Step 11: Test and Review

You may now send the PDF Filler to to test and review.
Test and Review

Step 12: Test Result Output

Great! We got a successful test result. You can copy and paste the URL to view the output.
Test Result Output

Step 13: Source File Output

Here is the IRS Form 1040 that we successfully filled out with Pipeliner CRM data.

Source File Output
Source File Output

In this tutorial, you learned how to set up the Pipeliner CRM so you can access the CRM data in Zapier. You learned how to fill the IRS Form 1040 with the CRM data using You also learned how to easily get the PDF Form fields using the Get PDF Info helper tool.