Do you have a fillable form that you want to fill in with data from the Webflow form submission? Web API can help you fill out those fillable fields using Zapier. We have a step-by-step guide below that you can follow to solve your problems.

Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Create a Zap
  2. App and Event
  3. Form Submission in Webflow
  4. Test Trigger
  5. Test Trigger Result
  6. Add Another App and Event
  7. PDF Filler Configuration
  8. Test and Review
  9. Test Result
  10. Output

We will use this sample fillable form in this tutorial:

Sample Fillable Form
Sample Fillable Form

Step 1: Create a Zap

First, log in to your Zapier account and click Create Zap.

Step 2: App and Event

Next, select the Webflow app and choose the Submission Form to trigger when a new form submission occurs.

App And Event

Step 3: Form Submission in Webflow

Now, let’s configure the Submission Form.

  • For the Site Name field, select the site that you would like to receive notifications from.
  • In the Form Name field, enter the form you have published.

Submission Form in Webflow

Step 4: Test Trigger

Click on the test trigger button to ensure that there are no errors in the setup.

Test Trigger

Step 5: Test Trigger Result

Once the test trigger was successful. You can move on to add another app.

Test Trigger Result

Step 6: Add Another App and Event

Now, let’s add another app. Kindly select the app and choose the PDF Filler to fill out the fillable form.
Add App And Event

Step 7: PDF Filler Configuration

Now, let’s set up the action event.

  • In the Source PDF field, input the source PDF URL or the IRS Form 1040 link.
  • In the Fillable fields, enter the page number, the field name, and the value. You can use the Request Tester to get the form’s field names.

PDF Filler Configuration

Step 8: Test and Review

You may now send the PDF Filler to to test and review.

Test And Review

Step 9: Test Result

Great! We got a successful test result. You can copy and paste the URL to view the output.

Test Result

Step 10: Output

Here is the output that we successfully filled out with the Webflow form submission data.

Source File Output
Source File Output

In this tutorial, you learned how to fill in and submit a Webflow form to the Webflow CMS using Zapier. You learned how to fill in the fillable form with Webflow form submission data using You also learned how to easily get the PDF Form fields using the Request Tester.