In this tutorial, we will show you how to automatically extract some invoice information from certain fields and save them in Google Sheets using Web API and Zapier integration.

Step 1 – Source Files

To begin, let’s add our PDF Invoices to a Google Drive folder and change its Share setting to Anyone with link.

Google Drive Folder Share Setting

We also want to prepare the Google Sheets where we will save all the extracted invoice information and set its file share setting to Anyone with link.

Google Sheet To Save Extracted Invoice Information

Step 2 – Add Google Drive

Now, let’s create a Zap. Let’s choose Google Drive as the App and the New File in Folder as the Trigger Event.

Google Drive New File In Folder Trigger

Step 3 – Setup Trigger

Select the Drive name and the Folder name where the PDF invoices are stored.

Setup Trigger

Step 4 – Test Trigger

Let’s test the trigger.

Test Trigger

Step 5 – Trigger Test Result

Great! Google Drive returned the file that we want to use for this demo. Let’s now proceed to step 2.

Trigger Test Result

Step 6 – Add

Let’s choose as the App and the Document Parser as the Action Event.

Add Document Parser

Step 7 – Setup

Let’s configure the Document Parser action.

  • In the Input field, choose the Web Content Link from Google Drive.
  • In the Template Id field, enter the Id of the template you created using the Online Template Editor.

Setup Document Parser

Please note: You can create new templates and get the Template Id in the Document Parser page. We have guides and video tutorials on how to create new templates here.

Step 8 – Test

Let’s send a test request to to parse the invoice using the system-built template.

Test Document Parser

Step 9 – Document Parser Result

Great! We successfully extracted text from the PDF invoice. Let’s now save them to Google Sheet. Document Parser Result

Step 10 – Add Google Sheets

Finally, let’s add Google Sheets as the App and the Create Spreadsheet Row as the Action Event.

Add Google Sheets

Step 11 – Setup Google Sheets

Let’s configure this action and map values from the Document Parser output.

  • In the Drive field, select My Google Drive.
  • In the Spreadsheet field, enter the Google Sheets name.
  • In the Worksheet field, select the Sheet name.

Notice that the Invoice Number, Invoice Date, and Total fields are the column headers in our Google Sheets.

  • In the Invoice Number field, select the Invoice Number value from
  • In the Invoice Date field, select the Date value from
  • In the Total field, select the Total value from

Setup Google Sheet

Step 12 – Test Google Sheets

Let’s test our setup to make sure that we configured it correctly.

Test Google Sheets

Step 13 – Google Sheets Result

Excellent! Our invoice information has been added as a new row in Google Sheet.

Google Sheet REsult

Step 14 – Google Sheets Output

Here’s the populated Google Sheets. Every time a new PDF invoice triggers the Zap, the Google Sheets is updated and a new row is added.

Google Sheets With Parsed Invoice Data

In this tutorial, you learned how to automatically extract some invoice information from certain fields and save them in Google Sheets. You learned how to set up Google Drive to trigger the Zap every time a new PDF invoice is added in the folder. You learned how to configure the Document Parser to extract specific data from invoices. You also learned how to save all the extracted data from different PDFs to a single Google Sheets.

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