Andrew Davison

Andrew Davison from Luhhu

Location: United Kingdom

We’ll help you streamline the repetitive work you do everyday, so you can achieve more, for less – using tools like Zapier and Make (formerly Integromat)

Skills: Airtable, Integromat, Zapier



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Client/Project Industry

Government Administration, Legal Services

Client Name

Valor Firm

Company Size

1-10 employees.

Project Summary

Valor Firm are a legal services company that help US veterans process claims for government benefits.

Various forms need to merged, filled and then be faxed and mailed to the government in very specific formats. We use to make the handing of PDFs within our Zapier workflows easier.

Project Goals

Assist with merging of different PDFs to create a single document.

Project Challenges

As well as merging various PDFs, certain pages needed to be removed from the final document – made this easy. is used for makes the general handling and processing of PDF documents easier – which is highly useful for a number of automated processes. Results

Using + Zapier to help manage the preparation of documents for filing claims has saved the client dozens of work hours and associated costs per week – and allowed them to scale the number of clients they can support.

Project Screenshots:

zapier project screenshot adding a pdf filler step

pdfco zapier project pdf information step

pdco zapier integrating gravity forms

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