Thiago Zampieri

Thiago Zampieri

Location: Brazil

Expert in and business automation

Skills: Web API, ByteScout On-Prem Tools (API Server, PDF Extractor, Data Extraction and PDF SDKs), Javascript, PHP, Zapier



Phone: +55 43 999884430 Project Showcase

Client/Project Industry


Client Name


Company Size

1-10 employees.

Project Summary

We are fintech in Brazil with the purpose of helping small businesses learn more about their own business, through the integration of technology, management and accounting.

Project Goals

Purpose using Barcode reader to read a slip account and fulfilment a form with informations

Project Challenges

create a freedom for ours customers, because today they need to fill a form and spend more time in administrative rotine instead of care their business. is used for

we used like as barcode reader as a service for ours customers’ slip and solve a way to fill a form with information. Results

integration barcode reader and solve a big problem of slips

Project Screenshots:

Thiago Zampieri project screenshot

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Phone: +55 43 999884430