About EdgeVerve

EdgeVerve is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Infosys a Technology company headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. It offers enterprise software platforms and solutions on Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Artificial Intelligence, and Digital Banking. Its products include AssistEdge Robotic Process Automation that offers end-to-end service for building and implementing RPA, AssistEdge Discover that accelerates the power of automation through process mapping tool, AssistEdge Engage that helps organizations in reimagining their contact center and achieving superior customer experience, and AssistEdge Cloud RPA that speeds up business process automation.

Read more about EdgeVerve at https://edgeverve.com/

What is PDF.co?

PDF.co is the secure and scalable data extraction API service with a full set of PDF tools included.


  • Efficiently scrapes and processes information from a wide range of documents using an unconstrained AI tool, thereby reducing data entry costs substantially;
  • Automatically reads data from intricately structured documents through a built-in customizable Document Parser;
  • Speedily creates new documents with PDF editable functionality, making further modifications such as adding or removing photos, texts, and other information and design elements a snap;
  • Handily edits existing PDF documents that involve combining, splitting, inserting, or removing parts or entire pages, fast and easy. It goes the same for converting HTML to PDF and vice versa;
  • Comprehensive API records and audit logs are readily available to Enterprise users;
  • Moreover, Enterprise users have the flexibility to utilize the online or offline version of the application.


  • All documents and files processed by PDF.co are encrypted at rest using AES 256-bit encryption;
  • PDF.co relies on TLS and SSL to transmit data and files (the same security protocols that are used by banks)
  • Runs on award-winning secure certified Amazon AWS infrastructure: https://pdf.co/security

EdgeVerve and PDF.co integration

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