About Discord

Discord is a proprietary freeware instant messaging and VoIP application and digital distribution platform designed for creating communities ranging from gamers to education and businesses. Discord specializes in text, image, video, and audio communication between users in a chat channel. Discord runs on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, and web browsers.

Read more about Discord at http://discord.com/new

  1. What is PDF.co?
  2. Discord and PDF.co integration
  3. Discord – Frequently Asked Questions

What is PDF.co?

PDF.co is the secure and scalable data extraction API service with a full set of PDF tools included.

PDF.co is the platform for intelligent document processing, OCR, pdf, barcodes and data extraction.

Here are some of the available functions and modules:

  • PDF.co Barcode Generator – generates high quality QR Code, Datamatrix, Code 39, Code 128 barcodes (and almost any other type) barcodes. You can export generated barcode as image or add into PDF using PDF.co PDF filler module;
  • PDF.co Barcode Reader – reads QR Code, Datamatrix, Code 128, Code 39 and almost any other barcode type from input images, pdf documents, tiff and pdf scans. Returns decoded values and information about barcodes locations;
  • PDF.co PDF to Anything Converter – this module is very powerful and provides access to the following powerful pdf transformation functions:
    • PDF To Simple Text – fast and cheaper pdf to text extractor designed for quick copying of text from pdf
    • PDF To Text – more powerful pdf to text extractor. Includes automated OCR (image to text), preserves original visual layout, powered by AI for more precise text restoration. Supports malformed and damaged pdf documents and images;
    • PDF To JSON – AI powered pdf to text extractor that returns collection of JSON objects with positions, fonts, text size, text styles, and virtual layout grid information included;
    • PDF To XML – AI powered pdf to text extractor that returns collection of XML objects with positions, fonts, text size, text styles, and virtual layout grid information included;
    • PDF To HTML – AI powered pdf to html transformation function that generates HTML looking identical to original input pdf document but it is HTML and can be viewed in any modern browser without pdf readers required! Output HTML includes text with styles and layout, original images and vector drawings;
    • PDF To PNG – returns high quality PNG images version of input PDF document and pdf pages. Suitable for high quality previews of PDF without access to source pdf;
    • PDF To JPG – returns high quality JPG images version of input PDF document and pdf pages (jpg representation is recommended for pdf preview thumbnails because it provides best quality / size ratio);
  • PDF.co Anything to PDF Converter – includes the following pdf functions:
    • URL to PDF – converts input link into PDF. Quick and easy. For more powerful version please see HTML To PDF Converter module (see below);
    • HTML to PDF – converts HTML code into PDF. Quick and easy. For more powerful version please see HTML To PDF Converter module (see below);
    • JPG to PDF – creates new pdf document from a set of jpg images;
    • PNG to PDF – creates new pdf document from a set of png images;
  • PDF.co HTML to PDF Converter – powerful URL to PDF and HTML to PDF converter. You can design and re-use HTML templates with {{Mustache}} and {{Handlebars}} templates supported. Adjust paper size, orientation, CSS styles and much much more!
  • PDF.co Document Parser – AI powered scanned documents and pdf reader. Use built-in templates like Invoice Parser or create your own document parser templates without any coding required! Supports extraction of fields, tables, scanned documents, dynamic blocks. Re-use templates for automatic reading from input PDF documents and scans. Outputs JSON, XML, CSV, XML and plain text versions;
  • PDF.co PDF Information Reader – get information about input pdf files such as title, author, description, keywords and much more more;
  • PDF.co PDF Merger – merges images., PDF, documents, spreadsheets, emails into one single output PDF file.
  • PDF.co PDF Splitter – split pdf documents, extract selected pages, extract page ranges, define multiple ranges for pdf pages splitting into single or multiple pdf files;
  • PDF.co PDF Splitter by Text Search – pdf splitter that is based on text search. Define keywords, phrases, regular expression to find key pages and split by these pages into new output pdf documents;
  • PDF.co Make PDF Searchable – turns scanned documents (jpg, png, tiff images) and scanned pdf files into fully text searchable PDF files using built-in OCR function. Multiple languages configurations are supported. 
  • PDF.co PDF filler – fill out pdf forms automatically, add text, images, signatures into PDF templates. Supports saving output PDF as read-only pdf (pdf flattening). Supports PDF.co Barcode Generator for QR Code and other barcodes generation for adding into pdf templates;
  • PDF.co PDF Translator – translates all text in input PDF in one language (for example, Spanish) and generates new PDF file with all text translated into another language. Powered by AI and ML based translation engine from Amazon.
  • PDF.co Search in PDF – search for text, regular expression or fuzzy text inside regular and scanned PDF files;
  • PDF.co Custom API Call – add call any PDF.co API endpoints using this module. Full list of available API functions is available at https://apidocs.pdf.co/

Discord and PDF.co integration

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Discord – Frequently Asked Questions

Discord is becoming increasingly popular as a communication platform. That has led to common questions as more people wonder if it is the right app for them. Here are some of the commonly asked questions about Discord.

Can Discord be used for business?

Yes, you can use Discord as a business communication app. Most people ask this question, because developers, streamers, gamers, and other similar groups were the first to embrace

It came in handy for people who needed a platform to hold formal and informal discussions without limitations. Discord gave them that feature because it allows you to create a server and host a meeting online.

And what makes it stand out is the number of people it supports per server. It can support a membership of up to 250,000 members, which makes it excellent for building online communities.

At any given time, you can hold online meetings of up to 25,000 members. That’s more than enough for any business to hold its online meetings. As you can imagine, it quickly became popular with gamers, streamers, and developers.

Is Discord free for commercial use?

Discord is free for commercial use if you are content with its basic features. On their free license, you can send invite links and chat on video, voice, and text, as well as share your screen.

However, you can also pay for their Discord Nitro package. This package will boost your Discord server’s capacity and upload speeds. As a business, you may want to upgrade to Discord Nitro, to get optimum server performance.

You get two “server boots”, and a 30% discount on additional server boosts that you buy. Generally, you may need more server boosts if you have thousands of members online.

The paid version will work best when some of the participants have slow connections, or if they are uploading large files. It also has better resolution for videos, and users can use custom or animated emojis, or customize their profiles.

What is Discord’s business model?

Discord uses a freemium business model, where users can access basic app features, free. Once they like the app, they can access additional features at a fee. It’s the best way to give users a first-hand experience.

And most small community users can use it for free if they don’t mind the basic server performance. This freemium business model is a great way to market an app.

Does Discord spy?

Like other apps that use centralized communication, Discord can record and store your communication. And in that regard, Discord can be used for spying.

Therefore, we recommend that you use it the way you do Duo, Teams, Zoom, and other similar apps.

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