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Guitar Mastery Method Implements a New Process of Document Management that Saves their Time Tremendously

The Guitar Mastery Method is the e-learning business for online guitar lessons. The project includes a lot of information for young guitarists as well as courses and custom lessons for beginners and advanced.

The main goal of the project is to impact the lives of hundreds of thousands of guitar players all across the world and to celebrate their success.

The Challenge

At the start, the Guitar Mastery Method needed a solution that could be used by their multiple instructors to create PDF reference material for students.

Users and instructors entered in data and named the documents incorrectly. They didn’t know how to combine files in the correct way. That is why the former process resulted in a lot of mess in document management.

The Solution

Things changed after the Guitar Mastery Method implemented along with Zapier. This upgrade fully removed the hiccups from the equation and let the instructors upload PDF documents the way they want. While the company would do the rest of the work easily with and Zapier integration. With the help of and Zapier, the instructor can fill out a Google form, and the attachments convert to a singular PDF. The final document is added to the student’s lesson library.

Honestly I didn’t know software like this existed and worked with little setup, combined with Zapier, LOT’s of opportunity is available for us and we for sure will be looking into implementing it into different systems to help automate the way we create and upload PDFs. This tool is great for the E-Learning space, and I look forward to diving into more possibilities with it.

Charlie Wallace


In 5 hours, the Guitar Mastery Method saved 150 hours they would have spent on proper document sorting and storing. Now, the process is fully automated, and the instructors can organize and store their documents properly.