We prepared this step-by-step tutorial with screenshots on how to convert Email (email parser by Zapier) to PDF with PDF.co and upload it on your Google Drive using Zapier. This is to automatically convert any emails received from your specific mailbox into PDFs and upload them directly to your Google Drive.

Here’s the sample Email that we’ll be using in this tutorial.

Screenshot of the Source Email
Screenshot of the Source Email

Quick Navigation:

  1. Make a Zap!
  2. Email Parser by Zapier
  3. Choose New Email
  4. Connect Your Zapier Account
  5. Setup Trigger
  6. Test Trigger
  7. Add PDF.co App
  8. Select Action Event
  9. Connect PDF.co Account
  10. Input Type to Raw HTML Code
  11. Email Body Plain
  12. Set the Name
  13. Test Action
  14. Select Google Drive
  15. Select Upload File
  16. Connect Google Drive Account
  17. Choose My Google Drive
  18. Choose the Folder
  19. Choose PDF.co Option
  20. Click Test Action

Step 1: Make a Zap!

  • Let’s, start by clicking on Make a Zap! at the top-right corner of your Zapier dashboard.

Step 2: Select App Event

  • Next, search and select the Email Parser by Zapier from the list of available apps.

Choosing the Trigger App Event

Step 3: Trigger Event

  • Then, choose the New Email option. This way every time there’s a new email to your mailbox, it will trigger this Zap.

Choosing the Trigger Event New Email

Step 4: Connect Your Zapier Account

  • Select or connect your Email Parser by Zapier account.

Choosing an Email Parser by Zapier account to be used

Step 5: Setup Trigger

  • Under Setup Trigger choose your specific mailbox to where the emails will be sent to.

Choosing a mailbox where the emails will be received

Step 6: Test Trigger

  • Now, click the Test Trigger to make sure that we set it up correctly. After running a successful test, click continue.

Testing the trigger if it is setup correctly

Step 7: Add PDF.co App

  • Since we’re done with our trigger event, let’s move on to the action event. Under “Action” you can see App Event, search, and select PDF.co from the list of available apps.

Choosing PDF.co as the Action App Event

Step 8: Select Action Event

  • Under Action Event select Anything to PDF Converter to convert anything into PDF, e.g. URL, HTML Code, spreadsheets, images, etc.

Choosing Anything to PDF Converter as the Action Event

Step 9: Connect PDF.co Account

  • Select or connect your PDF.co account to Zapier. You can get your API key by clicking dashboard.

Connecting PDF.co account to Zapier

Step 10: Set Input Type

  • Under the setup, action set the Input Type to Raw HTML Code.

Choosing Raw HTML code as the input type

Step 11: Set the Value

  • Under Input set the value to Email Body Plain.

Choosing Email Body Plain as the Input

Step 12: Set the Name

  • Set the Name, then hit continue.

Setting the name for the Output PDF file

Step 13: Test Action

  • Let’s test the action to see the result. Once the test returns as successful, add another action by clicking the + (plus) sign.

Test & review that action if it is working correctly and adding another action

Step 14: Select Google Drive from the Apps

  • After adding another Action search and select Google Drive from the list of apps under App Event.

Choosing Google Drive as the other action app event

Step 15: Upload the File

  • Under Action Event select Upload File.

Choosing Upload File as the action event

NOTE: If you are not a Google Drive user, you can use a different cloud storage service such as Dropbox, OneDrive, etc., and look for a similar Action Event.

Step 16: Connect Your Google Drive Account

  • Select or connect your Google Drive account to Zapier.

Connecting Google Drive account to Zapier

Step 17: Choose My Google Drive

  • Under Set up action choose My Google Drive.

Choosing My Google Drive as the drive to be used

Step 18: Choose the Folder

  • Choose the folder where you want the output file to be uploaded.

Choosing the desired folder where the files will be uploaded

Step 19: Choose the PDF.co Option

  • For your file choose the PDF.co option then click URL.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Selecting the PDF.co URL option as the File

Step 20: Click Test Action

  • Now, test the action to see the result.

Testing the action if it is setup correctly and working just fine

Step 21: Turn Your Zap On

  • Once the test returns as successful you can then TURN YOUR ZAP ON. Give your Zap a name by editing the Name your Zap text located at the upper-left corner of your screen.

Here’s what the output looks like:

GIF showing the Output File
GIF showing the Output File