In this tutorial, we’ll demonstrate how to convert an excel spreadsheet document to CSV format using ByteScout Cloud API Server.

Here, we have links for:

  1. ByteScout API Server Documentation
  2. API Server Base URL. This is the local IIS’s URL.
  3. Lastly, we have a link to a sample input spreadsheet.

To begin with, let’s review the input spreadsheet document. As we observe, we have simple spreadsheet data here.

Input Excel Document

Now, let’s go to documentation and find the endpoint for XLS to CSV conversation. Here it is! Endpoint name is “/xls/convert/to/csv”. Upon observing different parameters; we have parameters like:

“URL” – This parameter requires a link to input an Excel document.

“quotation Symbol” – It represents the quotation symbol used in the CSV document

“Separator Symbol” – It’s a separation symbol in a CSV file. By default, it’s a comma.

“Worksheet Index” – It’s a zero-based worksheet index from an input document.

XLS to CSV Endpoint

Okay, let’s begin generating a request URL. Here, I have copied the API Endpoint URL which is “/xls/convert/to/csv”. Now, let’s add parameters. We’ll be adding a worksheet index as 0. In addition to it, we’ll be adding a URL to input excel documents. Please note that this URL should be public so that the API server can do further processing based on that.

Finally, let’s add a base URL to it and process it within the browser itself.

We have an instant result in JSON format. Let’s observe the output.

CSV Output