About ClickUp

ClickUp project management software helps your team track each detail. ClickUp offers an all-in-one customizable workplace productivity platform that serves all departments across an organization. ClickUp belongs to the latter camp, that people access to task management software, docs and wikis, chat, and integrations with a host of other popular tools. It’s a robust set of tools that is malleable depending on the task at hand.

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What is PDF.co?

PDF.co is the secure and scalable data extraction API service with a full set of PDF tools included.


  • Information from PDFs and scanned invoices, receipts, and other documents are automatically extracted through AI technology, thus lowering the cost of data entry;
  • Its adaptable Document Parser allows convenient perusal of complex documents and files such as tables, forms, graphs, and mixed-content files;
  • Saves precious time in creating editable PDF files that can accept fields to PDF structures, PDF documents, images, and text;
  • A handy tool for creating an instantaneous design of a PDF file out from the conversion of an advanced HTML file. It likewise simplifies other useful design functions such as merging and splitting of pages;
  • Valuable API logs and audit logs can easily be accessed by Enterprise users;
  • Provides accessibility for remote and disconnected Enterprise users.


  • All documents and files processed by PDF.co are encrypted at rest using AES 256-bit encryption;
  • PDF.co relies on TLS and SSL to transmit data and files (the same security protocols that are used by banks)
  • Runs on award-winning secure certified Amazon AWS infrastructure: https://pdf.co/security

ClickUp and PDF.co integration

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