ByteScout On-Premise REST API Server includes modules for structured PDF data extraction to CSV, Excel, JSON, XML, HTML, images, PDF conversion & manipulation, Document Parser, sensitive data masking, Barcode Reader, Barcode Generator, HTML to PDF, PDF Merger & Splitter, PDF Filler, and more.

API Server Key Benefits

  • Data entry workflows optimization with automated and low-code data extraction engine providing up to 10x faster time to market;
  • Automated data extraction of tables, emails, and attachments. text extraction from images, scanned documents, spreadsheets, barcodes, and more;
  • Customization, integration, training, expert support, source code samples, and maintenance are available;
  • REST API interface can be used for Java, VB, C#, Javascript, PHP, cURL, ASP.NET, and Python on Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud servers;
  • Sensitive data processing on your own server;
  • Trusted by TOP companies.

Enterprise Features

  • Easy to deploy, scalable, and configurable;
  • Customizable with multiple modules;
  • Configured to deliver max performance;
  • NO cloud is required, able to work with sensitive data;
  • High-priority support and updates from our experts.


Available Modules

  • PDF Extractor – automated unstructured data extraction from PDF as CSV, XML, JSON, and plain text. Attachments and form fields extraction. OCR processing with multiple languages;
  • HTML to PDF – high-quality PDF generation from HTML and HTML-based templates;
  • Document Parser – data extraction from multiple documents based on zero code required templates. Automated tables detection, field extraction, multipage support, and much more!
  • PDF Editor – PDF merging & splitting, PDF form filling, adding text and images to PDF, setting and removing security options;
  • PDF to HTML – PDF to HTML conversion with text layout, tables, font styles, images, and vectors;
  • PDF to Image – PDF rendering to PNG, JPG with high quality and high resolution;
  • Document to PDF – conversion of documents and spreadsheets to PDF format;
  • Email Extractor – extraction of email messages and attachments;
  • Spreadsheet – XLS and XLSX to CSV, XML, JSON conversion. PDF generation from spreadsheets;
  • Barcode Reader – barcode reading from images and PDF. QR Code, Datamatrix, Code 128, Code 39, and other 1D and 2D barcode support;
  • Barcode Generator – QR Code generation with images inside. Datamatrix, PDF417, Code 128, GS1, Postal codes, and other popular barcodes support.

API Documentation

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Barcode Generation API

Barcode Reading API

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