On April 7, 2021, we did the following:

– we’ve increased all non-expiring credits on all existing customer accounts by x7 times;
– we’ve decreased the cost of price per one single credit by x7 accordingly;
– all subscription was updated to provide x7 times more credits;
– accordingly, credits required per page for all functions were increased by x7 times to match the old effective price per page;
– some functions got cheaper because the changes above allowed us to decrease credits per page for some functions. For example, a job/check now requires fewer credits;

For example:

– User credits before: 1,000 credits. After: 7,000 credits.
– Some Subscription Plan before: 1,000 credits per month; After: 7,000 credits per month.
– /v1/pdf/convert/from/image credits per page before: 3 credits per page. After: 21 credits per page.

This will allow us to decrease costs for some functions, for example, job/check per call now 3 times cheaper.

All custom plans were also adjusted to provide x7 more credits as well.

If you have any questions, please contact us here