Dear and company,

I hope that you and your team are doing well these days.

My name is Eugene and I’m leading the team at (API platform for data extraction and pdf). And I have one small suggestion: could you please stop using misleading descriptions like  or  when you charge your customers for a subscription?

The thing is that at we are getting urgent requests for refunds of $96 or $132 from your customers almost every week now. A few months ago I’ve already reported this to you and got a promise that this will be fixed. But, to my frustration, there are no changes made and we are still getting these complaints. Your customers are emailing us regarding charges made in September of 2020 and described as ““.

We are currently just sending them to this article (that suggests requesting a chargeback)  but I suppose this is not the best way.

Why don’t you start using your business name “PDFFiller” or “AirSlate” when charging your customers instead of using misleading descriptions that are driving your frustrated customers to us?

thanks in advance!

Eugene M, Team Lead