Here’s a brand-new tutorial on how to create a digital signature. We will be using an online tool to create a digital signature in word or pdf.

First, let me tell you something about digital signatures, and then we will move to the part where we will see step by step guide on how to create a digital signature in word or pdf.

Digital Signature

Digital signatures are a way to sign documents online. In today’s online paperless world where we use to share documents on daily basis sometimes, there are documents that need signatures, for example, the most common online document that needs to be signed is a Non-disclosure agreement (NDA), this is where Digital Signatures comes to the rescue.

How to sign documents online

1. Upload or PDF file or image

First, open Sign PDF Tool.

Open the PDF file or image file you need to sign at this moment by clicking the “Choose file” button.

The file will open instantly, and you can proceed with online signing.

Sign PDF Online


2. Type, Draw, or Upload your Signature

Here you have these options available to choose from, accordingly:

  1. Add Signature
  2. Add Text
  3. Add Image
  4. Add Checkmark
  5. Add Crossmark
  6. Add radio button

As we are adding a signature into the opened file in this tutorial we will choose “Add signature”.

After this, new mini-window pop-ups and the option tabs you can choose from include:

Saved, Draw, Type, Load From File, and three colors (black, red, blue).

Saved is the tab where you can use an already saved signature, as you are using this for the first time this tab will be empty.

Sign PDF Files

The draw is the tab where you can draw the signature using your mouse cursor, left-click the mouse inside the box and draw your signature.

You can also upload your already saved signature from your files and add that to the opened document.

The last tab is the “Type”, where you can type your signature change its size, color, and font.

In this tutorial, we used the “Draw” tab to add the signature.

3. Insert the signature and save your file

After clicking on the “Insert signature” button the signature will be added to the document you can drag the signature change its size and can place it anywhere on the document. The output will be like this.

Online Signature

After adding the signature click on the “Save as PDF” red button to save the document.

Now finally the document is saved. And is shown in the dashboard.

You can download the Final PDF from here and can use it according to your needs.

4. Use your signature any time

Your online signature will be saved in your browser, and you can retrieve it next time you sign any PDF file in this browser. Just click the “Add Signature” button  – and you will see it in Saved.

Sign PDF Files Online

All the files and signatures are safely stored in your browser.


Check this video to see how this tool works: