Typeform is a fantastic tool for creating dynamic, user-friendly forms, while PDF.co excels in handling PDF documents for a myriad of use cases. In this tutorial, we’ll explore how we can harness the power of these two services through Make.com’s integration capabilities to automate filling PDF forms based on Typeform responses.

Before we proceed, it’s important to note that this tutorial assumes you’ve already created a form in Typeform. Our goal is to trigger a Make.com scenario whenever a new entry is added to this Typeform form, filling out a PDF form via PDF.co.

Let’s take a peek at the form I’ve created in Typeform, named “TypeForm1”.

My Workspace Typeform

Adding the Typeform Module to Your Make Scenario

To kickstart this process, create a new scenario in Make.com. Add the Typeform module to this scenario. As we want to keep an eye on form responses, be sure to select “Watch Responses” in the module options.

Watch Responses Module

The next crucial step is to create a Webhook and establish a connection to Typeform.

Create Connection
Create Connection
Create Connection

Once you’ve successfully created the connection, all your Typeform forms will be displayed. Choose the form you wish to use. In our case, we’ll go with “TypeForm1”.

Typeform Configuration

To verify our setup so far, let’s run a quick test of the module. When you add a new entry to the form, it should accurately display all the entered information.

Run Scenario Result

Utilizing Data to Fill Out the PDF Form Using PDF.co

PDF.co’s Make.com plugin has a powerful feature that allows us to fill out a PDF form. To utilize this, add a new PDF.co module to your scenario and select the “Fill a PDF Form” action.

Fill PDF Form

Next, configure the action with the necessary input data, such as the URL and the Form fields with their respective values. In this case, we’ll use the Typeform response to populate the form fields.

PDF.co Settings

Once the module successfully executes, PDF.co will generate a result URL.

Result URL

Let’s take a closer look at this response URL. It contains a form filled with values sourced directly from the Typeform responses.

Form Filled Result

Voila! You’ve successfully automated filling out a PDF form using responses from a Typeform form. Give this a go and explore the possibilities of form automation with Make.com, Typeform, and PDF.co.