Many companies continue to resist the idea of migrating their corporate data into the cloud despite its many known benefits. Besides data privacy concerns, one of the most common objections is the logistical challenge of not having IT professionals on board that are adept in cloud-based data curation.

Cloud computing is rapidly transforming businesses at an unprecedented pace, making them more agile and competitive. One of the areas worth noting is the implementation of the distributed capacity model in data curation. Other advantages that we should highlight are listed below.

Data Security

Cloud service providers not only employ more advanced and resilient system protection for their data storage but are also managed by well-trained professionals. So backing-up or restoring your data is more straightforward in the cloud environment. REST Web API Security Features

  • Input and output files are encrypted at REST with AES-256 stored using Amazon AWS S3 storage;
  • Servers are running on top-notch Amazon AWS infrastructure (the leading cloud hosting provider);
  • All data transmissions are forced to use SSL encryption;
  • Detailed user API logs are stored and available for review to a user (user can voluntarily open temporary access to customer support);

NEW! IP allow list (Enterprise feature)

Users can set up the IP allow list to protect access to their API with an additional layer of security. The access is limited to the selected IP addresses only. This feature is available on Business 3 plans and on custom high volume plans now.

NEW! Single-sign on (SSO) setup Single Sign On (SSO, SAML)

This feature helps to mitigate security risks for companies by giving control over user revocation and authentication.


Upcoming Features and Enhanced Security for Enterprises

  • 2-Step Verification for Enterprise Users

You can check out more about the security features we offer.

Enhanced Accessibility

The current global pandemic gave rise to the number of remote workers everywhere. Cloud migration enabled workers to plug into their company’s system and data wherever they are to do their jobs through secured online portals. In effect, the infrastructure helps boost companies’ productivity and agility.

Cost Efficiency

Contrary to the traditional setting wherein you procure hardware (not to mention software) that can handle not only your present need but also the future growth of your company, in the cloud, you only need to pay for the hosting of your present data according to its capacity.

Advanced Collaboration

Not only users can efficiently and securely share data through distributed infrastructures, but they can also access a gamut of open-source technologies to help them build system applications and software.

Summing up

Keeping and processing the data in the cloud for enterprises can provide substantials benefits and entire business growth. Industry leaders choose and implement cloud strategies. In particular, REST Web API is a major platform for business digital transformation as it gives a sold advantage in extracting and processing data automatically in the cloud.