In this tutorial, we will show you how to create a Sole Trader Invoice in Australia using and Make

  1. Create a New Scenario
  2. Add Module
  3. HTML to PDF Converter
  4. Setup Configuration
  5. Run Scenario Result
  6. HTML to PDF Output

How to Create a Sole Trader Invoice in Australia using and Make

Step 1: Create a New Scenario

  • To begin. First, log into your Make account and click on the Create a New Scenario button.

Step 2: Add Module

  • Next, search and select the module.

Add Module

Step 3: HTML to PDF Converter

  • Then, choose the Convert HTML to PDF conversion.

HTML to PDF Converter

Step 4: Setup Configuration

Let’s set up the HTML to PDF configuration

  • For the Convert Type field, select the HTML Template to PDF option.
  • For the HTML Template ID field, enter the ID of the HTML template. You can create the HTML Template ID at this link.
  • For the Input data in CSV or JSON format field, input the Template Data.
  • Then, enter your desired Output File Name.

Setup Configuration
Setup Configuration

Template Data

"invoice_id": "0021",
"invoice_date": "April 20, 2041",
"invoice_dateDue": "September 29, 2041",
"issuer_name": "John Doe",
"issuer_company": "Your Company",
"issuer_address": "128 First Avenue, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia",
"issuer_website": "",
"issuer_email": "",
"client_name": "Jane Doe",
"client_company": "My Company",
"client_address": "Melbourne, Victoria, Australia ",
"client_email": "",
"items": [
"name": "Product 1",
"price": 1000.0
"name": "Product 2",
"price": 300.0
"discount": 0.1,
"tax": 0.0725,
"note": "Thank You!"

After setting up the configuration, run the scenario to see the result.

Step 5: Run Scenario Result

  • Great! The scenario runs successfully, copy the URL and paste it into your browser to view the output.

Run Scenario Result

Step 6: HTML to PDF Output

  • Here’s what the output looks like
Sole Trader Invoice Output
Generated Sole Trader Invoice Template

In this tutorial, you learned how to create a Sole Trader Invoice in Australia using Make. You learned how to use the HTML to PDF converter to generate PDF from HTML template. You also learned how to create a new HTML template ID.

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