Recently has integrated with Zapier. This opened more possibilities for automating everyday routines with your documents and forms without coding!

With the app for Zapier you can now do the following without coding required:

  • PDF Editor
    • Split and Merge PDF files;
    • Fill out forms, add text, signature, and images to existing PDF files;
    • Create Fillable PDF forms;
    • Secure and Optimize PDF files;
    • Make PDF Searchable and Unsearchable;
    • Search for text inside PDF files;
    • Search and replace text with either text or image in PDF;
    • Search and delete the text inside PDF files;
    • Translate PDF pages;
  • PDF Extraction
    • Parse invoices, statements, reports using pre-defined templates and the built-in document parser;
    • Extract text and tables from PDF to plain text, JSON, XML, CSV, XLS/XLSX;
    • Classify PDF documents;
  • PDF Generation
    • Generate new PDF files from links or from HTML code and template;
    • Generate PDF from Email, HTML, JPG, PNG, WEBP, TIFF, Document, CSV, and XLS;
  • Other Tools
    • Generate QR Code, Datamatrix, and other barcodes;
    • Read checkboxes, radio buttons, fillable fields, and segments using Optical Marks Reader;
    • Read barcodes from PDF documents and images;
    • Read detailed information about PDF files;
    • Delete pages in PDF files;
    • Upload and delete PDF files;
    • Convert XLS and CSV into JSON, HTML, TXT, and XML files;
    • Check background jobs for large PDF files;

How it works

Every Zap contains a trigger and some action events. When a condition is met the trigger runs the Zap and information is passed from one action to another. To start, all you need to do is:

  • sign up for (starts at just $9.99/month)
  • create a free Zapier account
  • navigate to “My Apps”
  • From there, you can connect your Zapier to and start creating your automation!

To help get you started right away, check out some of the popular pre-made Zaps below:


If you are a complete beginner with Zapier & integration, we’ve also created these simple step by step tutorials: Action Events

PDF Filler

Add text, images, signatures, and links to PDF, fill PDF form fields, and create new PDFs from templates.

PDF Merger

Merge multiple documents into one new single PDF. Supports PDF, DOC, DOCX, XLS, JPG, PNG, ZIP, and more.

PDF Splitter

Splits pages from PDF documents into multiple new PDF files using page numbers and page ranges.

PDF Splitter by Text

Splits pages in PDF document using Text Search (with OCR).

Anything to PDF Converter

Convert URL, HTML code, document, spreadsheet, presentation, and image file to PDF.

PDF to Anything Converter

Convert PDF to JPG, PNG, CSV, XML, JSON, and other formats.

Document Classifier

Automatically sort or detect the class of the document based on keyword-based rules. For example, you can define rules to find which vendor provided the document to find which template to apply accordingly.

Document Parser

Parses invoices, reports, statements, and other documents using templates created from a visual editor.

HTML to PDF Converter

Convert HTML or URL to PDF with advanced options such as layout, orientation, and more. It supports Handlebar and Mustache HTML templates.

Barcode Generator

Generates popular and commonly used 1D and 2D barcodes from QR Code, PDF417, Datamatrix to Code 128 and many more.

Barcode Reader

Reads different types of barcodes from images and documents.

PDF Find Table

AI-powered document analysis to scan your document for tables and return the array of tables on pages with coordinates and information about columns detected in these tables.

PDF Security

Add/Remove Password and Security features to/from PDF file.

PDF Translator

Translates text in PDF from one language to another using Machine Learning.

Make PDF Searchable

Turns Image or PDF into text searchable PDF where you can select and search text.

Search in PDF

Search text inside regular PDFs and scanned PDFs.

PDF File Information Reader

Get PDF document information like form fields, pages count, page size, author, description, keywords, and other information.

Custom API Call

Make a Custom API Call to Web API. This is designed for advanced users.

Getting Started with pre-made Zaps