Recently has integrated with Zapier. This opened more possibilities for automating everyday routines with your documents and forms without coding!

With app for Zapier you can now do the following without coding required:

  • Split, Merge PDF files;
  • Generate new PDF files from links or from HTML code;
  • Fill out forms, add text and images to existing PDF files;
  • Extract text and tables from PDF to plain text, JSON, XML, CSV;
  • Search for text inside PDF files;
  • Generate QR Code, Datamatrix, and other barcodes;
  • Read barcodes from PDF documents and images;
  • Read detailed information about PDF files;
  • Parse invoices, statements, reports using pre-defined templates and the built-in document parser;

How it works

Every Zap works as a Trigger. It stores your information and sends it to other apps by causing Actions. To start, all you need to do is:

  • sign up for (starts at just $1.99/month)
  • create free Zapier account
  • navigate to “My Apps”
  • From there, you can connect your Zapier to and start creating your automation!

To have an easy start, here are some pre-made Zaps you may use templates below:


For a better experience with Zapier & integration, we’ve also created these simple step by step tutorials:

How to connect Zapier to & Zapier tutorials

Getting Started with pre-made Zaps


More Zaps are coming soon!

URL to Image action
Document Parser
File Type Checker
Virus Checker

Stay tuned with!