Digital Marketer uses digital channels to reach customers, build brand awareness, and promote products and services. Marketers have to master a wide range of skills and tools in order to stay on top of the ever-growing digital media channels that use to create, deploy, manage, and track campaigns.

Here are the TOP-5 best Zaps for a digital marketer using Zapier

  1. PDF Search
  2. Extract Metadata
  3. HTML to PDF for Reports
  4. PDF to HTML for Webpages
  5. PDF Merge /Split

What are the Best Zapier Zaps for a Digital Marketer?

1. PDF Search PDF Search gives you a lot of control over your text searches in a PDF document. You can search the exact words, figures, and word or text patterns. When you want to find a date you can type in the date pattern without specifying the exact date. When you want to search for a word that starts and ends with certain letters you can do that too.

PDF Search is a very powerful tool that you can easily set up in Zapier. To see how marketers are using it, please check out the guide below.

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2. Extract Metadata

PDF is portable and print-friendly. Which makes it the ideal file format for eBooks, White Papers, and more. Another great thing about PDFs is search engines can index them.

The PDF Metadata helps you identify what the document is about. It provides meaningful information such as title, author, keywords, fonts, styles, and more. These are some of the information that you can use to optimize your PDF document.

To see what your PDF is made of, check out this tutorial.

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3. HTML to PDF for Reports

Preparing reports can take up a lot of time. And when your data is spread out in different tools that spells out more work for you to do.

Luckily, HTML to PDF and Zapier can help speed up this task for you. You can use it to convert web pages or raw HTML code to PDF. You can also create an HTML template to take data from your tools and generate a well-designed PDF report.

With Zapier’s help, PDF report generation can be automated. Check out how HTML to PDF transforms Salesforce data into a report.

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4. PDF to HTML for Webpages

The fastest and easiest way to convert your PDF files into HTML code is by using an online converter. A wide variety of online converters are available each offering the same basic features. One of the most popular PDF to HTML converters is Web API. It is an online converter that turns your PDF documents into HTML while retaining almost all formatting. It also promises complete data security and document privacy.

There are several ways you can convert files that can save into a web page file and then upload to your website. Without converting the file to HTML you are left with either having to rebuild that PDF file by writing code in HTML or by putting a link to the PDF file on your web page. Check the step below:

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5. PDF Merge/Split

Merge/Split PDF actions can be very useful in situations when you want to combine or split different sections of a contract or any document.

This can be automated using the app in Zapier. The PDF Splitter is capable of splitting documents by page numbers and page ranges. It can also split the document by text search or keyword. When used in combination with PDF Merger, it can insert any PDF pages, documents, spreadsheets, and even images to any part of the PDF.

Check out this very powerful workflow below.

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