Let’s Encrypt September 30, 2021 Update Issue: Certificate Expired Error Issue

Some of the apps or scripts using PDFco API may have after September 30 2021 with "certificate expired" error This [...]

How to Resize a PDF File with Online Compressor

The size of computer files is often very small This is desirable, as many sharing services have file size limits [...]

How to Sign and Email Electronically Signed Documents

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Create a Digital Signature Image on Your Emails

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Minor Changes for Credits Calculations – Prices Not Affected, Some Functions Got Cheaper

On April 7, 2021, we did the following: - we've increased all non-expiring credits on all existing customer [...]

PDF.co API vs PDF2JSON NPM Package: Review and Compare

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If you have a credit card charge from PDFAco, or PDFBco, or PDFCco, or PDF___ (letter or number) co, and need help, [...]

Letter to PDFFiller.com and AirSlate company

Dear PDFFillercom and AirSlatecom company, I hope that you and your team are doing well these days My name is [...]