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Check out our updates & new features!

PDF.co API platform and On-Premise ByteScout API Server

1) New PDF Translator API

A new pdf/translate endpoint was added for translating PDFs from one language to another. It relies on the ML-powered translation engine and creates PDF with the same layout, look and feel as well as the text translated to another language.

2) PDF.co and Salesforce integrations

We’re happy to announce that our PDF.co and Salesforce integration is now available! To enjoy this new integration and to learn how to use it, you can visit this page and tutorials.

3) New endpoints for PDF Splitter and PDF Mergers

New endpoints for pdf splitter/merger were added:
/pdf/split2 – splits by text found on pages. Supports native pdf search and OCR.
/pdf/merge2 – enhanced version pdf/merge that also merges DOC, XLS, RTF, TXT, ZIP (zip files are auto unzipped and files are merged).

4) PDF filler (pdf/edit/add ) improvements

pdf/edit/add endpoint improved the way how it works with filling PDF forms and now provides better support for filling out checkboxes, radio boxes, input fields. pdf/info/fields endpoint was also improved with enhanced support for PDF forms.
See the updated API docs for more details.

5) OCR options were enhanced (applies to all text extraction endpoints)

6) On-premise API Server also includes all these improvements above.


The updated version is available to all customers with an active subscription.

You can check out ByteScout SDK updates HERE.

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