We have been working a lot to deliver the most progressive product features helping you save time and reduce expenses.

Take a look at the list of the most recent updates, new features & extensions you can use now:

Automated PDF Form Filler

PDF.co added support for its built-in PDF filler automation that can complete fillable PDF forms like IRS forms and other PDF forms where you can type in, select checkboxes, select from lists, etc. It also can automatically fill forms that are made from scanned documents.


AI-Powered Document Parser Function

Our team added support for automatic data extraction from invoices, statements, and orders in the built-in AI-powered Document Parser. Now, you can automatically parse invoices and extract invoice ID, invoice date, due date, total, tax total as well as line items.


300+ Integrations are Now Available at PDF.co

PDF.co can be integrated with hundreds of popular platforms including Salesforce, UiPath, BluePrism, Automation Anywhere, Integromat, Zapier, and many others.

You can check the full list of integrations here.


New HTML to PDF function

Our team has developed a new is HTML to PDF function that includes a set of templates for fast and easy invoice generation from your app. HTML to PDF functionality that can convert HTML and links to high-quality PDF documents.
PDF.co also has built-in invoice templates that can be used to generate invoices by just providing basic data about your company and your client.


PDF.co plugin for UiPath

We’re happy to announce that our PDF.co extension for UiPath is now available! 

To enjoy this new add-on, you can either visit UiPath marketplace or download the latest UiPath plugin for PDF.co

UIPath developers can now add PDF.co and use PDF filler, PDF merger, PDF splitter, PDF to text, PDF to CSV functions from PDF.co as well as any other functions from PDF.co.

To show how it can be done, we created a set of specific tutorials.

Check all UiPath tutorials here.


PDF.co plugin for BluePrism

Another great news! PDF.co plugin for BluePrism is now available too.

BluePrism developers use our main features such as PDF splitting & merging, PDF form filler, PDF to CSV and PDF to text conversions, and more.


PDF.co plugin for Integromat

Our latest Integromat plugin is now ready to be used and help you digitize workflows

Integromat users can now add PDF.co plugin and test all the features it offers. The functionalities include conversions of PDF to various formats, filling forms, PDF split & merge, and more.


File Storage Available

PDF.co team added built-in secure file storage that users can use to store PDF, documents, spreadsheets, images that they want to re-use in digital transformation, and automation after.

PDF.co users now can use this built-in storage as well as other cloud storage like Google Drive, Dropbox, Sharepoint, etc.


ByteScout SDK Versions Update

You can also check our updated on-premise SDK versions all listed in this article at ByteScout.