If you get a document to sign in your email, don’t print and scan it. There are two great ways to electronically sign email documents that are much simpler.

How can I sign an email document?

Install a browser plugin that links your email to a signature signing company. When you are in your email, you should see a button or pull-down menu that gives signature options. In some plugins, the button or pull-down menu only is visible when there are documents attached to an email.Click the email attachment to open it. Select the «Add Signature» or «Sign» option within the plugin choices. Then click in the document to add your signature. Sign by drawing, typing or uploading an image. Confirm the signature. The plugin might automatically send your signed document back to the sender. Alternately, the program might attach the signed document to a reply email. Many electronic signature email plugins let you set a default signature. It’s easy to do this as you’re signing a document. But if the email plugin is visible even when you’re not in a document, you can set the default any time you like. Either way, once you’ve set the default, you can apply it to any future documents that need a free email signature.

How can I sign an email document without a plugin?

Not all signature signing companies that let you complete an electronic signature via email work with every email provider. In this case, you’ll need to electronically sign email documents more directly. Download the document from your email. Sign in to the signature signing service and upload the document. Specify the name and email address for all signees. Add signature fields if needed. Click in the field where you need to sign. Type, draw or upload an image for your signature. Confirm your signature and you’re done!