A good business proposal suggests a way for two companies to work together. When you sign a commercial proposal, you accept the terms of the document. Companies can help you complete the electronic signature of documents, including proposals.

Sign Business Proposals

Why sign a proposal online?

It’s often much more efficient to sign a commercial proposal online. You do not need to manually transfer the document. Signing online also means everyone involved can complete the process anywhere, anytime. This can be important with proposals, which can be time-sensitive.

What is the benefit of an advanced electronic signature?

Advanced electronic signatures aren’t the same as electronic signatures. Electronic signatures are images or other representations of your name. Advanced electronic signatures place encoding in the document. If someone has tampered with the proposal, you can find out what happened before you sign. This is critical with proposals because they often contain confidential information.

How do I create an electronically signed document?

There are two ways to create an advanced electronic signature. The first is to use a program like Word to create the encoding manually. Alternately, a certificate authority, such as a signing company can create it. Upload the document to the service. Specify the email address and name of your recipient. Add a signature field. Click «Send», «Finish» or «Confirm». The service will create and save the encoding. It then will send an email message inviting your recipient to sign. When they sign, the system will notify you the proposal is complete.

The validity of electronic signatures

In most areas, an easy electronic signature for business proposals or other documents is completely legally valid. This means that, when you create an online form with an electronic signature, it is enforceable via court. There typically are stipulations regarding areas like maintaining a record of the signing process, however. Simply double-check the requirements of your region to make sure you’re compliant.