Online applications can be used for everything from getting a mortgage to finding a job. You still need to sign the application for others to work with it properly, however. There are a few ways to do this.

Put a Signature Online

Can I create my digital signature without writing anything?

Yes! This is probably the easiest method of signing an online application. Simply check the box that indicates you’ve read the terms and conditions of the application. Then click the «Agree», «Submit» or similar button to send the application to the recipient. You might need to answer a security question associated with your account to use this method.

What if there’s a place to add a signature in the online form?

If an employer or other party has provided them, fill in the text fields for your name. Alternately, you might see a button such as «Add signature». Click the button. The service should give you signing options. These can include typing, drawing or inserting an image of your name. Pick the option you want. Then confirm the signature.

How to create a digital signature with a third-party service

Sometimes, organizations require you to download your application and submit a completed version via a signature signing service (e.g., You won’t need to create a digital signature in Word or other software for this. But you must upload the application to the provider’s website, ideally in PDF format.

If needed, select the application once you’ve uploaded it. Then specify the name and email address of the person you want to send the signed document to. If a signature field isn’t already in the application, create one. Click on the signature field and follow the prompts to type, draw or insert an image. Confirm the signature. The provider’s system then should send an email message to the recipient telling them you’ve signed.

How to use online signature?

You can use this easy and fast service to put virtual signatures on documents, applications, and contracts free of charge. How it can be done?

Check website and go to the e-signature tool itself.

Select the file you intend to sign. There are a few options for how it can be done.

Sign PDF Online

When clicking on “Choose file”, you will get the option to select a document from your computer in a new window. 

Sign PDF Online

Pick the necessary file and press “Open”. It might take some time to process the document, but finally, you will get a full view.

Signing PDF Files

There are some options of how to sign any document with online signature app

You can choose “Me only”, “Me+others” and “Others”. If you intend to sign it by yourself – pick the first option. If you’d like to sign it together with other parties – “Me+others” will be your option. Otherwise, for sending a document to other people to sign, select “Others”.

When you choose “Me+others”, you will see another window:

PDF Signing

Add all necessary data and send the document for online signing.

When you choose “Me only”, you will see the following window:

PDF Signature

Here are the elements you can add:

  1. Image
  2. Signature
  3. Checkmark
  4. Text
  5. Crossmark
  6. Radio button

You need to add an online signature to the application. That is why simply choose “Add signature”. You can write or type it in black, red and blue.

You can also upload ready signatures from your computer or choose one saved on the website previously.

Sign PDF Files

Select how you want to create your online signature and put it on the document.

PDF E sign

When done, save the file for further needs.

How to create a digital signature in the word?

There are many documents such as invoices, medical forms, official documents that need a digital signature. When you want to produce a document that demands a digital signature, here are the actions to affix a signature to your Word document.

  • Put the cursor in the Word document where you desire to include a digital signature.
  • Now, click the Insert button.
  • Choose the Signature Line.
  • A menu will emerge.
  • Insert all the data in the expected fields.
  • Choose OK.
  • A signature line will now emerge in the Word document.
  • When you’re done, send the document to your contact.

The above steps are used to create a digital signature in word. Now if you are the receiver of the document then follow the below steps to complete the digital signature.

  • After opening the word document, you will see a yellow alert bar that says that this document needs a digital signature.
  • Now after this, in the yellow alert bar, choose View Signatures.
  • Now to insert your signature, double click next to the “X.”
  • A Sign box will emerge. Now you can type your name to adopt as your digital signature, or you can upload an image of your digital signature.
  • Now click Sign.

What does a digital signature mean to computers?

------- Start Signature------
KDQ1FwVAKLXiJ5TZNuBfgSEjPDWGOgL/NkUfbeRYsbthas8IlrcnjaqbcLgVv+ a5kr4537y8RFd+EGm55yUh5xhA1ojELwNhhb7cltrp2V7KJNnSelws4S63VB40c DEtPcL7QQCf22qymI2h+Pb2j4RF+rmJHrz+=QFMx
------ Close Signature------

The above is the digital signature. In digital signatures, the private key is encrypted when it is saved on the laptop or a computer. When a user signs any document, he/she insert a digital signature Permission Code to unlock the private key. If anyone sees the permission code and also has passage to the laptop containing the private key, the probity of the private key is negotiated.

Can digital signatures be forged?

An e-document is any document that is created or saved on the laptop, such as a report, a record, or a property document. In extension, an electronic document can be an illustration, such as a picture, a questionnaire, a sketch, or even a portrait. A digital signature can be utilized to signify these documents.

The important question is can digital signatures be forged? The answer is: Not reasonable. This is because it is shielded by various coats of extremely difficult encryption. People always think that a written signature is different from the signer and to the parts of paper which include it. What if someone creates an immeasurable image of the handwritten sign? Or, what if on a lengthy deal, someone modifies the text of the sheets prior to the sign page?

In these cases, the sign is true, but the document has been changed. With digital signatures, fraud is almost unimaginable and much more complicated than manufacturing a handwritten sign. First, a digital signature is like a method than simply appending a sign. For instance, when the report is “digitally signed,” the digital software examines the paper and produces a computation which describes the paper.

This computation becomes a portion of the “digital signature.” When the receiver verifies the sign, a comparable method is carried out. The sender’s and the receiver’s computations are then matched. If the outcomes are identical, the sign is legitimate; if they are separate, the sign is not accurate.