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Learn to Put a Signature on Your Online Application

Online applications can be used for everything from getting a mortgage to finding a job. You still need to sign the application for others to work with it properly, however. There are a few ways to do this.

Can I create my digital signature without writing anything?

Yes! This is probably the easiest method of signing an online application. Simply check the box that indicates you’ve read the terms and conditions of the application. Then click the “Agree”, “Submit” or similar button to send the application to the recipient. You might need to answer a security question associated with your account to use this method.

What if there’s a place to add a signature in the online form?

If an employer or other party has provided them, fill in the text fields for your name. Alternately, you might see a button such as “Add signature”. Click the button. The service should give you signing options. These can include typing, drawing or inserting an image of your name. Pick the option you want. Then confirm the signature.

How to create a digital signature with a third party service

Sometimes, organizations require you to download your application and submit a completed version via a signature signing service (e.g., PDF.co). You won’t need to create a digital signature in Word or other software for this. But you must upload the application to the provider’s website, ideally in PDF format. If needed, select the application once you’ve uploaded it. Then specify the name and email address of the person you want to send the signed document to. If a signature field isn’t already in the application, create one. Click in the signature field and follow the prompts to type, draw or insert an image. Confirm the signature. The provider’s system then should send an email message to the recipient telling them you’ve signed.