Digital has overtaken the modern office. Subsequently, traditional wet (pen-based) signatures, while still valid, are outdated. The new standard is to write your signature online. This electronic way of signing is fast, convenient and every bit as legal as using a wet signature.

How can I write my signature electronically?

All you need to write your signature online is website-based software from a third party, such as Simply visit the provider’s website and register for their service. Others who need to sign the document will need to register, as well. Some providers will charge a one-time or subscription fee for you to register and write a signature online.Once you’ve registered, upload the document you want to the provider’s website. Some providers will allow you to convert your document to PDF format during this process. That’s good because PDF is the gold standard for contracts and similar digital documents. But you can use other software you have to save your document as a PDF if needed before uploading, too. Next, add signature fields into your document. It’s most common to place them at the end of the document. But depending on the agreement, you can place them wherever they make good sense. The most important thing is that the field placement allows everyone to read the electronic signature easily. From there, specify the name and email of everyone who will sign. When you confirm this information, the provider’s system will send an email invitation alerting everyone about the document. Each person then must click in the appropriate signature field and sign the document. allows you to sign by typing, uploading an image or drawing. The last step to write your signature online is to confirm your signature. The system should show you’ve signed the document and alert the others you’ve specified that the signature is done.