Browser plugins let you sign documents right from your email account. You can type or draw your signature during this process. But using images in email signatures can feel more personal.

How to create signature images for email documents

To create a digital signature image, take a picture of your signature with your smartphone or regular camera. Then upload the image to your computer. Alternately, create a scanned signature image. Either way, save your signature as an image file. You can create a digital signature image file on your computer, mobile device or even a cloud service.Now open your email. Open the document you want to create an electronic signature image for. Click the plugin signature button or drop-down menu. Choose the option such as «Add Signature» or «Sign». Click in the document where you need to create an electronic signature image. The plugin should give you «Draw» and «Type» options. You should see something such as «Create Signature from Image», too. Select the option to create an email signature with the image.The plugin might present you with a short list of images to use. If not, navigate to wherever you’ve saved the signature image file. Choose your file. The plugin will insert it into your document. To finish, simply confirm the signature. The plugin you’ve used to create a digital signature should send a copy of the signed documents back to the sender. Otherwise, it will attach the document to a reply email for you.

Using images in email signatures as a default

Most plugins will let you set a default signature. Simply select one of your digital signature images as the default. Then you can select the default when you like. You always have the choice to change the default, too.