Insert text in PDF securely, fast, and in bulk using our API tools. Quite often, you may need to automate the addition of text to existing PDF files. Most free tools that let you add text to PDF also retain a copy of your text, which is something you may not want.

Benefits of Add text to PDF file API Tool

Fortunately, we have a tool that allows you to pay for what you use only. With as little as $1.99 per month, you can buy credits to use our API tools, and insert a text box in PDF securely. Here are the main benefits of using our API to add a textbox to PDF.

Secure Processing

We take advantage of AWS infrastructure, to provide you with a fast and secure tool to add text fields to your PDFs. We encrypt each file with SSL/TLS encryption. The encryption protects it from the prying eyes of hackers, which ensures that you comply with privacy laws.

Asynchronous Mode

Do you need to add text to large PDFs? Well, our tool gives you an option to process large files asynchronously. The whole process happens on our remote servers, and you get the PDF files with text inserted, at the end of the process.

Additional Tools

Our API tool allows you to work with automation tools such as Zapier plugin, on-premise API server, and Offline SDKs. Furthermore, the tool also includes in-built OCR, to make text extraction from scanned sources easy.

In that regard, whether you want to add a text field to PDF, or edit PDF add text, then our API tool is what you need.

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How to Use API with Large PDF Files and Check Job Status

When you add text from large files, the process can be slow, and output errors, if done synchronously for over 25 seconds. The solution is to use “async mode,” which allows you to put text on large PDFs, and run the process in the background.

You can turn ON “async mode” by setting “async” to “true.” That will instruct the API method to execute the insert text in PDF online process in the background. The API will also output a unique “jobId” for that process, and a “URL” that you can use to access the finished job.

You can use “/job/check,” to check the job status. You have to wait for it to give a “success” status, which it does when the job is complete.

How to Upload Files and Run a Background Job

Step 1: Request Temporary Upload and Access URLs

You may use “/file/upload/get-presigned-url” to request a temporary upload URL “presignedUrl”, and access URL “url.”

Step 2: Upload File

You can use the “PUT” to upload your file to the API using “presignedUrl.” You can then use the “URL” to access the uploaded file.

Step 3: Access File

Use the “url param” as the input, when calling the API method, and set “async param” to “true,” to get the output URL/s and their respective “jobId” immediately.

Step 4: Check Job Status

To check the status of the job using the “/job/check” API method along with “jobId” param to get a job status. A “success” means the job is ready. That will cost you 1 credit.

Step 5: Download PDF

Once you get a “success” status, you can download the finished PDF job from the output “URL” you received in step 3.

Conclusion – Add Text to PDF Form

You can view a sample script for adding text to PDF here. We hope you found this guide to be useful, and you will make good use of this budget and secure API for adding text to PDF documents online.

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